Summer Vacation = SV = a typo for TV shows?

right. summer. that glorious time where kids don’t go to school because their brains are melting and they just can’t think anymore. so i’m one of those kids and, of course, i haven’t been thinking. much.

so since i don’t have any official summer plans, i got a part time job which i’m excited about since i’ve never had one before. totally looking forward to that =)

And with all the free time on my hands, my friend has shoved a bunch of TV shows onto me and a bunch of others i just felt like trying. so basically, i have to get round to watching them in the first place =/ but honestly, i  just feel too lazy.

But i’ll right down their names so if anyone’s interested they can watch ’em and so you guys know what kind of tv shows i feel like i should watch.

Vampire Diaries, Sherlock, the Big Bang Theory, Full House (watching again cuz i just love the early seasons so much =P ), ‘Good Luck, Charlie’ , Gilmore Girls, The Game of Thrones, Smallville, Chuck and so many others that i have just forgot about. oops. =P

And if you think that ^that is a lot, you have absolutely no idea how many books i have to read this summer! for school AND pleasure! 😉

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