Save Water but still manage to Chill in ze Summer

Currently my town’s having a water shortage in this summer. and so to prevent wasting water needlessly, we are trying to ban pools from being filled with gallons and gallons of water when people are literally dying of thirst (around the world).

So is it a problem being all moral-ful and total Justice League-ing it but not wanting to have no fun splashing around in a pool when your miles from the coastline so beaches are out as and alternative and you feel that the heat is just plain ol’ unbearable?

if so then, i’ve got an alternative for you (salesman mooodddeeee)! Have a water fight! its cheap, fun, easy to arrange, and a great change to when your done playing old board games  with your little brother =)

i had one today with  my friends and it was awesome! we had a great time and spent about an hour and a half shooting each other with jets of water.

Now some may argue that their water guns are broken or lost or that they just don’t possess one. simple fix. two of my friends there weren’t armed. so instead we hooked one up with a bowl the size of the Grand Canyon (she had us soaked in seconds!) and the other got a spray bottle ( you know, the kind they have at beauty salons that they use to spritz your hair wet before you get a haircut?). other non-water gun options could also involve a bucket (for those who do not own Grand Canyon-sized bowls) and a water hose.

Heck, you could be inspired by the Hunger Games since its so awesome and in right now. you could set up rules like no one spraying/shooting/drenching anyone while reloading or when they’re in a specific marked off area. and for anyone who violates the rules, there could be a punishment for them. for example, having them stand still while everyone shoots at them or stand right next to a sprinkler for 2 minutes or have a bucket-full of water thrown on them, etc.

So basically, this was just a water-saving idea where i share my ideas of water saving by still managing to stay cool in the summer without having to waste water by filling a huge pool with the substance that may very well be the reason for World War III. Have fun guys and make sure to enjoy summer~! 😀

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