Youtubing- Father’s Day

I have always agreed with the main chorus line in the song in the video i’m going to leave a link to here. i just watched it and i love this song. it’s amazingly catchy, fast but cool. since it actually means something. it has a message. and i just wanted to share this video with whoever has something like two and a half minutes of free time to appreciate a father, so click the link below and be blown?

i’d also recommend subscribing to VlogBrothers, who are the creaters of this song. disclaimer: i do not own any of this and i am simply sorta advertising there awesomeness so if they dare even consider flagging me for copyrights or whatever, i have news for you. it won’t stick. simple as zat.

so enjoy the song about truly appreciating fathers on their own day~

thanks for watching the video if you did, and please like it if you do! leave a comment below to give me your feedback- was it good or what?

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