A Customized Fridge (awesome home deco ideas)

It’s my dream to become an interior decorator. I just love the idea of decorating and earning a living involving some art. So i saw this cute video (its really short-only about 30 seconds) with a great idea that works for guys and gals and adds a really artsy look to your kitchen. It’s not really sophisticated but i think it’s really great, especially for those college or university students who have just moved into an apartment.

it can also be used to spruce up and add a little multi-tasking to an already working fridge that just has lost its sparkle and or has waaaay to many scratches on the front or too many stains.

I hope you check it out so,  lastly, here’s the link:


^i do not own this video and i do not claim that this is my idea, cuz its not.

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