HEY, Dorkettes, Geeks and Nerds!

Hola, world! sorry, i haven’t been posting lately since an art project went horribly wrong and long story short i split my thumb and index finger open so i couldn’t type for a few days. my apologies, and here i am back with a little more Youtube advertising =P

ok, i am sooo not trying to expand youtube users or anything but it’s just that i use it a lot. like a lot. so whenever i watch something that i find really interesting or just awesome then i just wanna share it here!

so im not much of a geek (who studies too much) or a nerd  (for lack of a better term, harry potter obsessed fan =D ) or a dorkette. i’m just a sorta smarticle person. i just don’t like showing that side of me much cuz its not as fuuuuunnn as the crazy chocolate coffee drugged fun side of me 😉

but anyways, crazy me found a channel on Youtube that’s all scientific but not boring science and it’t told in a really interesting cool understandable way that could enlighten a rock (trust me, that’s some serious enlightenment ^_^ ) And the show even covers some really interesting topics as well. i’d request everyone to atleast try it out- especially before finals! (there’s even a special crash course playlist and other play lists categorized as ‘Biology’, ‘Chemistry’, and ‘Physics’.)

So please check it out, and here is ze link:


disclaimer (cuz just everyone luvs copyrights, right? -.- ) : this video is not mine and i do not own anything; not the content; not the account; not the theme song; NOTHING. arigato~

side note: this guy who makes these videos is William Hank Green who happens to be the younger brother of the vlogbrothers (another channel on youtube which is pretty funny) and also the co-producer or co-creater (im not too sure!) of the LizzieBennetDiaries which is a comedy parody series of Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice novel (a classic; haha, im a literature student =3 ) and is where elizabeth; lizzie bennet vlogs on youtube. So go check that out! Hank is also the guy who sung the “Father’s of the Founding Father’s” song that i also shared with you guys =)

yesh, he’s just that awesome B)


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