Birthday Madness

i just love birthdays. picking out perfect presents for your friend or family, eating cake and junk food, having fun and basically going either ballistic or just plain crazy.

Yesterday, it was my birthday and i got some awesome and pretty retarded  presents too. Like a scary faced keychain. And a Chicken shaped candle. but yeah, i had fun and it was awesome.

yep, gloating is my pastime =P riiight. so anyways, heres where someone throws a tablespoon of salt into my coffee -____-

School starts in August. and i mean within the first of it too. Ugh. Thing is, it wouldn’t be too bad but i’ve got some evil exams in October. and unfortunately, those exams actually matter. pfffff.   oh well. watchya gonna do.

yeaaah ok, gotta go for dinner in a bit so i better hurry.

Lets see…chicken candle check, birthdays check, complain about school…hmm, i think im done for today =)

Actually a really touching sentiment was when my best friend, Nalo (nickname guys, dont freak), got a teddy bear for my yet-to-be-born little sister =D

actually, i painted a wall for her nursery even and helped my sister pain out her tree on a wall too. (i sketched it, she painted it then i had to fix the leaves she painted cuz frankly it wasnt too good of a job done. then we added embelishments by using glitter glue too.)

Ok yeaaah, more on the baby sis sooon. Expecting this August too so thats certainly something to look forward to if school isnt ❤


Hipsters and Mainstream: Say What?

Yeah. I just didn’t get what hipsters were or what being too mainstream meant until about 10 minutes ago. (im just that cool. er, ignore this.) atleast not in the current slang-ish type of way.

First off i’m going to explain what they are in very brief sentences that may not be too accurate but get the gist across. One, a Hipster (noun): ‘a person that does things he likes doing…except when, you know, other people are doing them.’ -CasperLee. And Two, Too Mainstream: a thing or trend that has caught on and is really popular. something  that everyones doing. you know, examples are  iphones,  facebook,  etc. Get the picture?

So yeah. mainstreamnesss and hipsters. And i realise that im kinda neither. like not one or the other, just both. compromise, man. but yeah, who says you can’t use fb which is so mainstream and then watch Sesame Street at 4 in the afternoon?

This and that, ze CookieMonster signing out.


ps. Vlogging is so mainstream, right? am i right? im right. =)

pps. Here are my sources for being totally uptodate on mainstreamness and hipsters of the 21st Century: By SamLikesTurtlez and heres another one which is just as funny if not funnier by dicasp

and of course the disclaimer,  i dont own anything mentioned here in this post except for my opinions. i think. =P

Check ’em out, the vids are hilarious and cool. ok, now i’m really out.


(^i dont own that either. Belongs to Hank and John Green, i think. officiall, i dont know. deal with it B) )


MovieReviews: MadagascarIII & TheGoldenCompass


So yeah, i’m not really movie obsessed which is my excuse for never not ever not watching The Golden Compass until like last Monday (yes, i know i’m not normal. i get that a lot. and i appreciate that so many of you think that =) ). And wow, i just loved it. it may have been old but i love the idea and plot and even the affects were great (so not cheesy). And now i am motivated to read the book cuz heck, never judge a book by its movie, right? But if the movie’s good than the book well be atleast twice as good =)

Madagascar III! Yippee and Hurraaay!

Ok, so some people for some reason(s)  think that Madagascar III apparently wasn’t as good as the other previous movies. pashdonroashiengfuderosnreoir-whaaaaaaat?! No. its great. and hilarious. the jokes may now be a lot more verbal than slapstick comedy (hee hee, ex-media studies student =P ) but its still funny. None of the characters loose their spunk or thunder and some even get better. Heck, i love the Russian Tiger; he’s freakin’ epic! So don’t complain about the movie unless you’ve seen it (and been diagnosed with a humour disorder. dude, its a joke, so don’t hate!)

Yep all the movies i’ve seen so far. And since you all know im like nine (believe it our not, its up to you 😉 ) I’m hyped for Disney’s Brave and i’m irritating my dad to take me to watch Ice Age IV Continental Drift in 3D cuz i am pretty curious about the random bunny on the poster. and the second saber tooth tiger (at least i think its a saber tooth tiger). You know, Diego Jr. ? Anyone know which character im talking about? From the trailer? No? Just me? huh.

oh well, later guys, and i’m out~


Ze Unfortunate Daily Life of ze Sick

Bleh. -.-

I absolutely hate being sick. it totally throws me off course. i just feel sick all the time and feel like a half-dead zombie and feel like complaining and become just oh-so emo. im an extreeeme grouch when im ill =P

And- ta-daaa~

im sick -___-  so therefore i have the right to be a pain in the ass, riight? =) so here’s my complaining for todaaay-

One, i missed out on madagascar III ='( i was just sooo loooking forward to it and then i just couldnt gooo!! *pout pout*

Two, last night my lil’ bro was having a sleepover in my room and the little innocent guy just kept offering me ice cream and snacks and i was just drooling. So what do i say to this sweet generous sharing-pro person whom i happen to love? ‘Your the worst!!’ I mean, can you blame me? =* And i really don’t regret it. (yesh, i’m often told that i’m mean *evil smirk*)

Three, i’m supposed to paint the nursery for my soon to arrive little sister ❤ yippee! oh wait, im sick so im supposed to be a grouch. ugh, ive gotta paint a room for a new pain in the neck. (that better? =P ) And i was expected to do it today. uggghh. and we didn’t even have any wall paint as in the paint you use on walls. my dad wanted me to use my acrylic paints from my arts class -.- for a whole freakin’ wall!

Conclusion: not my best day.

yeaaah, pardon me for being a total downer today but i have a legit excuse. yep. i’m sick *smug smile* he he.

Ok, it is now time for my slumber of Days so i must go now. Ciao~!