Ze Unfortunate Daily Life of ze Sick

Bleh. -.-

I absolutely hate being sick. it totally throws me off course. i just feel sick all the time and feel like a half-dead zombie and feel like complaining and become just oh-so emo. im an extreeeme grouch when im ill =P

And- ta-daaa~

im sick -___-  so therefore i have the right to be a pain in the ass, riight? =) so here’s my complaining for todaaay-

One, i missed out on madagascar III ='( i was just sooo loooking forward to it and then i just couldnt gooo!! *pout pout*

Two, last night my lil’ bro was having a sleepover in my room and the little innocent guy just kept offering me ice cream and snacks and i was just drooling. So what do i say to this sweet generous sharing-pro person whom i happen to love? ‘Your the worst!!’ I mean, can you blame me? =* And i really don’t regret it. (yesh, i’m often told that i’m mean *evil smirk*)

Three, i’m supposed to paint the nursery for my soon to arrive little sister ❤ yippee! oh wait, im sick so im supposed to be a grouch. ugh, ive gotta paint a room for a new pain in the neck. (that better? =P ) And i was expected to do it today. uggghh. and we didn’t even have any wall paint as in the paint you use on walls. my dad wanted me to use my acrylic paints from my arts class -.- for a whole freakin’ wall!

Conclusion: not my best day.

yeaaah, pardon me for being a total downer today but i have a legit excuse. yep. i’m sick *smug smile* he he.

Ok, it is now time for my slumber of Days so i must go now. Ciao~!

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