Hipsters and Mainstream: Say What?

Yeah. I just didn’t get what hipsters were or what being too mainstream meant until about 10 minutes ago. (im just that cool. er, ignore this.) atleast not in the current slang-ish type of way.

First off i’m going to explain what they are in very brief sentences that may not be too accurate but get the gist across. One, a Hipster (noun): ‘a person that does things he likes doing…except when, you know, other people are doing them.’ -CasperLee. And Two, Too Mainstream: a thing or trend that has caught on and is really popular. something  that everyones doing. you know, examples are  iphones,  facebook,  etc. Get the picture?

So yeah. mainstreamnesss and hipsters. And i realise that im kinda neither. like not one or the other, just both. compromise, man. but yeah, who says you can’t use fb which is so mainstream and then watch Sesame Street at 4 in the afternoon?

This and that, ze CookieMonster signing out.


ps. Vlogging is so mainstream, right? am i right? im right. =)

pps. Here are my sources for being totally uptodate on mainstreamness and hipsters of the 21st Century:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7k4vuiWjHs By SamLikesTurtlez and heres another one which is just as funny if not funnier by dicasp


and of course the disclaimer,  i dont own anything mentioned here in this post except for my opinions. i think. =P

Check ’em out, the vids are hilarious and cool. ok, now i’m really out.


(^i dont own that either. Belongs to Hank and John Green, i think. officiall, i dont know. deal with it B) )


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