MovieReviews: MadagascarIII & TheGoldenCompass


So yeah, i’m not really movie obsessed which is my excuse for never not ever not watching The Golden Compass until like last Monday (yes, i know i’m not normal. i get that a lot. and i appreciate that so many of you think that =) ). And wow, i just loved it. it may have been old but i love the idea and plot and even the affects were great (so not cheesy). And now i am motivated to read the book cuz heck, never judge a book by its movie, right? But if the movie’s good than the book well be atleast twice as good =)

Madagascar III! Yippee and Hurraaay!

Ok, so some people for some reason(s)  think that Madagascar III apparently wasn’t as good as the other previous movies. pashdonroashiengfuderosnreoir-whaaaaaaat?! No. its great. and hilarious. the jokes may now be a lot more verbal than slapstick comedy (hee hee, ex-media studies student =P ) but its still funny. None of the characters loose their spunk or thunder and some even get better. Heck, i love the Russian Tiger; he’s freakin’ epic! So don’t complain about the movie unless you’ve seen it (and been diagnosed with a humour disorder. dude, its a joke, so don’t hate!)

Yep all the movies i’ve seen so far. And since you all know im like nine (believe it our not, its up to you 😉 ) I’m hyped for Disney’s Brave and i’m irritating my dad to take me to watch Ice Age IV Continental Drift in 3D cuz i am pretty curious about the random bunny on the poster. and the second saber tooth tiger (at least i think its a saber tooth tiger). You know, Diego Jr. ? Anyone know which character im talking about? From the trailer? No? Just me? huh.

oh well, later guys, and i’m out~


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