Birthday Madness

i just love birthdays. picking out perfect presents for your friend or family, eating cake and junk food, having fun and basically going either ballistic or just plain crazy.

Yesterday, it was my birthday and i got some awesome and pretty retarded  presents too. Like a scary faced keychain. And a Chicken shaped candle. but yeah, i had fun and it was awesome.

yep, gloating is my pastime =P riiight. so anyways, heres where someone throws a tablespoon of salt into my coffee -____-

School starts in August. and i mean within the first of it too. Ugh. Thing is, it wouldn’t be too bad but i’ve got some evil exams in October. and unfortunately, those exams actually matter. pfffff.   oh well. watchya gonna do.

yeaaah ok, gotta go for dinner in a bit so i better hurry.

Lets see…chicken candle check, birthdays check, complain about school…hmm, i think im done for today =)

Actually a really touching sentiment was when my best friend, Nalo (nickname guys, dont freak), got a teddy bear for my yet-to-be-born little sister =D

actually, i painted a wall for her nursery even and helped my sister pain out her tree on a wall too. (i sketched it, she painted it then i had to fix the leaves she painted cuz frankly it wasnt too good of a job done. then we added embelishments by using glitter glue too.)

Ok yeaaah, more on the baby sis sooon. Expecting this August too so thats certainly something to look forward to if school isnt ❤


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