AAAaaaaaaaahhhhhh @ Ze Internet

Interneettttt, Y U no work?! (that’s just about the only meme you will ever see me use.)

ok, it’s been foreveerrr, and so muuuch has happened.

Like, i have a little sister now! she was born on the first of  august and yes, i know thats so long ago but i really didnt have any working internet or any free time either.

we’ve been doing loads of stuff for preparations and its kinda funny that she was born a week earlier than expected but there’s nothing wrong with that or her health. so alls good.

Today was the result day at school for the three exams most people gave in August but i wasnt one of them. however, it was still awesome being hyped up and congratulating everyone who scored epicly and still consoling others when they didnt. Eeeks but it was really cool. now im looking forward to the day in december when i’ll get my result. but first things first, ive got to actually give the exam =P

I also have my very best friend visiting from the other side of the world, yippee! obviously since she’s from Far Far Away, i dont get to see her too often but when she does come visit its just sooo much fun =)

There are just sooo many get togethers happening riiiight noooow. i have no idea why but just about 5 to 6 days a week i end up going to either a family dinner, maybe a study group thing, or just chill dinners with friends. Its getting hectic, i tell you.

Gotta go read a few more books. im sure i have a saved draft in here somewhere about the books im currently reading. post that in a bit.



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