The Recent of Books

Recently, ive been juggling. and no, i dont mean actual juggling like circus juggling but like reading three books at the same time. actually, there not even three, im reading like seven right now. uuugh i hate reading so many books at once but ive only got like two pleasure and the rest are all for literature at school. bleh. and im gonna list them all anyways, just because i can, probably =P

1. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens or as i like to call it, The Adventurous Adventures of Pileep. (yeah, pileep not pip, how many times have teachers told us not to use single syllabled words unless absolutely necessary? 😉 )

2. The Great Gatsby

3. Withering Heights

4. The Crucible

5. Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian. ahem. so not literature =P have yet to start it. im stealing a friends signed copy >_< but yeah, im letting him borrow the Supernaturalists so alls good.

6. A Game of Thrones. and i do mean the book not the TV show. i hear the TV show isnt exactly aimed for kids or those with a mentality of a nine year old, ya know. so ill just wait till im like thirty to watch it =)

Weren’t taking me seriously when i said ‘like seven books’ now were you? well, HA! cuz i aaaammmmm. so yeah, i told you so. such gloating =P

7. Gee, im stuck =/ ok, no! think think…oh right! The White Queen. Oh wait, thats three pleasure books with the rest lit ones. oopsies.

And thats not all. Im going to also reread a books series called The Ranger’s Apprentice. Totally cool and awesome. if youve read any of the following at all and totally fell in love with it/ liked it/found it cool/ epiclly awesome/any other sort of praise then i highly recommend you to try out this book series!

1. Percy Jackson (any book in the series)

2. Artemis Fowl (any book in the series)

3. Alex Rider (any book in the series)

4. The Inheritance Cycle (any book in the series)

So yeah, google The Ranger’s Apprentice right now then. go on, i do mean, right now!

Oks, so i gotta go now and then later ill update about my movie marathon flop last week end =P


hahaha, who gets the twist on The Game of Thrones with The Recent of Books? anyone? =/ well, whatever =D


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