Obsessed Over Blah This Winter xx

i have been just so obsessed with actually watching tv shows this winter. (which is something i usually never do since i either dont have the time, just dont care or dont know what to watch.) What i have been watching is the Big Bang Theory, Chuck, even started Pretty Little Liars, and course, Dr. Who. Other shows ive wanted to watch, but the internet apparently isnt letting me/dvds arent available would be shows such as White Collar (aaaahhh, neil. hes just sooo awesome 😀 ), Victorious (S2), Teen Wolf (kinda an obliged thing, insisted upon by a friend(its her ‘guilty pleasure, as she puts it. *raise eyebrow*aaand to mock it too =P ), and Vampire Diaries.

I am overly obsessed with mufflers and scarfs and have been figuring out new ways to style, tie, knot them in place, and keep warm and look cute at the same time. you know, an accessory that is actually useful ^_^ Oh a new thing ive actually started doing this year is to wear a shawl like a proper shawl! i learnt how to lapeet/wrap it and all i need now is practice.  yeah, and i found this old annoying muffler that i have no idea how to style cuz of its design. its insanely long, wide, has a nettish lace design all around, and is a dull shade of beige that i never cared to give too much attention to. sure, i wore it for most of 7th grade winter but it was just so i’d match my aunt who taught there too (hers was red; my mom picked mine out -.-”). anyhoo, i knotted the ends of the lacey bit, and tripple looped it to my very own infinity scarf! which is awesome, cuz ive always wanted one =3

ive also been obsessed with a lotta songs, most of which being: jessie j’s Domino, say it twice’s the road you know, katy perry’s t.g.i.f./last friday night, etc.

yikes, computer running outta charge and the chargers busteed! uh oh! gotta gooo~


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