Books,Ties, Hot Chocolate & Co.

i love ties. i wish my uniform had ’em…but they dont =( so i just wear ties every now and then, to a friends house, an MUN or a debate, and sometimes even around the house, just like zat. especially if ive learnt a new way to tie em =) actually, ill attach a few pics to another post to show off the knots i can make! ❤

besides that, ive also had a looong list of books i was supposed to read in this winter break. The Mark of Athena. The Serpant’s Shadow. Crocodile Tears. Wuthering Heights. The entire Inheritance Cycle, all over. The Fellowship of the Ring. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. etc. =P oops. since i, you know, kinda havent =P ehehehe…

Funny thing is, i thought that this winter break was gonna be this magical time and seem so heavenly, with this amazing soft, whittish sunlight peeking though my curtains, me huddled up in my plush red sofa with demigods and my sidekick, a cup of hot chocolate. nope. no hotchocolate so far, the sunlight is dull (if at all. its been cloudy and foggy =/ ). all in all the holidays seem…hollow, empty. not magical and winterfull. =( and NOW its freezing and the weathers perfect (yes, even the sunlight =P what can i say, i have high standards B) ) but i just cant read all those books until ive finished this lord of the rings one…uuuughhhhh. i wanna go an epic adventure with Percy Jackson and FIND Nicoooooo! DX

And on that note, i shall go eat some meetha paan (sweet pattha =P hahaha) and watch chuck..and noooo, of course i wasnt just writing this so i could wait for it to load patiently, course not, pshaw….haha, just kidding =) but yeah, now im gonna go type out another post about fun eating fro yo =3


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