Fun getting FroYo

We went out to furnish our apartment that we’re renting out soon. And as it happens, on the first floor, at the back is a Tutti Frutti set-up. there were adorable chairs in red, green, and white all over and it was awesome! There were even two closed rooms with two tables each for a private party (or in my case, a group of friends that make waaay too much noise =P ). The flavors they had were also SO GOOED to the point where i had to add the letter ‘e’ to the word good =D anyways, i had mango peach and strawberry fields =) it was great. then, i noticed this beautifully decorated (tiny-ish but cute/ it was like 5 ft 5 tall) Christmas tree. it was all silver, with fake frost, had all sorts of shiny ornaments, a glowing white star on top, and blue-ish silvery lights around it too. it even had presents under it! fake presents, sure, but presents nonetheless! so we stopped to take pictures with it =) even though its the 3rd of Jan today, and christmas i a loooong way off (it happened so long ago!), but still, it was there. and i can tell  you, my lil sis (5 months) loooveeed the sparkliness of it all ❤ Ah, the laziness of people is certainly a splendor to behold =’) afterall, without it we might not have as much fun =)


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