The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

first of all, i was totally psyched for this film. sherlock did a voice acting for one of the orcs/characters. And then Watson was Bilbo! that was a big thing, since i think his acting is totally perfect for this role. sure, i dont like his acting that much on sherlock but thats also partly how watson doesnt have much of a role in that show. or atleast an epic one… (i best watson is the watson in the films, jude law. or as i like to call him, the watson with the cane). but i AM wattson after all so yeah, i felt a lotta personal attachment urging me to watch this film.

Confession, i havent ever actually seen a lord of the rings film before this one. so the order thing was all good =) i was also a nervous wreck cuz i havent even finished reading the books! (im in the middle of The Fellowship of the Rings, which as you know is the story on frodo, not bilbo). so i was ecstatic that this film didnt ruin the thrill and all of reading the story first hand =) yaaaay =D so no worries there. actually, the reason i hate watching a movie first and then the book is that when you read the book, you actually imagine whats going on, how the characters look, how tall how thin how everything they are. but with a movie, all that is infront of you. no thinking required. not really. and then when you read the book, you got cheated out of imagining since all you see are the movie characters. i hate that. and loads, most movies get the details wrong, if theyre based off a book. eg, harry potter has green eyes, and shouldve worn green contacts. nope. he had blue eyes in the movie. -.- and heres a very annoying example: those who watch the Lightning Thief before reading the books. they would find it incomprehensible that annabeth is a  blonde. while most real fans struggle with the fact that they cast annabeth as a brunette in the movie. *shudders* -________-

So yeah im reading Lord of the Rings abhi and having fun with it. though i would like to say im in the 80s and the exposition is pretty slow, and the rising actions a very non-steep rise -.- yeah, barely any gradient.

hee hee, i blew off my tutions for chemistry and physics so i could go 😉 Lalalalala~

Ok, yeah. thats about iiiit =)

Wattson out!

-Dr. Grey I. Wattson.

ps. epicness:

this monday (i think, it couldve been tuesday) two of my new met-ish friends got in an argument debating whether i have a british accent or a scottish one! it was awesomely entertaining and im just a tad bit disappointed that no one said irish =/ oh well. still awesome. hahahahaha.


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