FYI, on Dreams..

this here is my theory explaining why i have retarded, epic, awesome, funny, demented, silly, funny, stupid, pathetic, philosophical, impossible, shamabwahawaduh dreams. from what i can figure out, whenever my brain gets bored of my daily life and decides theres nothing interesting going on (no drama between friends, not having people i like come to drama society, being harassed by ppl i hate and find irritating/irksome/annoying/meddling, not studying in class, got no new material for my comics, etc) my brain makes up for it, by entertaining itself with these types of dreams. so yeah. my dreams are now going to be shared here. all sorts. so look forward to that. i actually had one last night and ill post it here in another post later.

actually, one of my dreams seemed just so random (for lack of a better term…) that one of my friends wanted to make a video out of it. sorry, but HOW exactly are you going to have the moon explode and me beat Bill Gates at poker in that, hmm? yeah, those were a few true spoilers =P so yeah, just wait and see! or in this case, wait for me to dream =)

We need to go deeper. yeaaaah, sorry about that, i just love that line from inception. and i use it whenever its not appropriate. such as now =P well, im my defense i was talking about dreams, k? =D


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