The Big Bang Theory- Ze Tv show and a short note on Frozen Feet

I have been watching The Big Bang Theory on and off, between episodes of Chuck, and whenever i get bored in the wee hours of the morning (like 2am..) =P

I had a marathon, and i just had a lot of fun with it. i watched something like 4-5 episodes in one go (do not make fun, yes, that is what qualifies as a marathon for someone who barely ever watches TV shows anyways.), and find so many awesome plots and crushed expectations.

One, there was this episode where this 15 yr old guy was supposed to be as smart as but later turns out to be smarter than Sheldon. yes, sheldon. And  me being me, i was kinda hyped, yay a kiiiid in this show, lets see what he’s like, hope he likes batman, and llamas (…hope they use a cute actor too =) ). The kid was, bluntly, frankly, meanly, a dork. a nerd. he was boring. all he did was prove others wrong, and not even in the cool way/super insulting way of sheldon. plus, he had a geeky hair cut =S the only fun and cool thing about him was that he had escaped from N.Korea. but he didnt even brag about that. pshaw. He wasnt cute either T_T

Next, there was an entire episode where spur-of-the-moment-ly Leonard bids for a time machine and ends up winning it. The other dorky dudes also pitch in and share the thing. i heard not a SINGLE Dr. Who reference. i am highly disappointed.

Ok, enough cribbing for now, i gotta go, and im actually pretty sleepy too. and my feet are frozen right now. yes,  i am too wearing socks. thing is, for some reason the central heating wont work, and my rooms on the second floor. it also happens to be tiled, and is shit freeezing all day, especially at night, as it is now. and the Blower i was dubbed with by my dad, is currently in my little sisters room where she and my bro are sleeping. Out of pity and somewhat caring, i guess. sure, im the one who feels the coldest in this household, but her room is huuuge and i hope it gets warm. (im gonna go later, after they fall asleep and snatch it away. plus my rooms tiny so it get warmed up pretty quickly 😉 ) but im not ALL bad. i mean, i did give it to them for a whole two hours longer than i promised. sometimes my Jimminy Cricket bugs me out. irksome…oh, wait did i just make a pun?! =O *gaaasssp* as you can tell, i make reeaaally bad puns, that barely qualify as puns, and arent even funny =P aw well, haha.

(people often mistake me for being funny, when i just happen to be mean and smile often/all the time)


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