Tying Stylish Scarfs

Tying Stylish Scarfs

Disclaimer: i take no credit for this picture, or the ideas, or the blog/website you will be leaded to if you click on the picture. i just enjoy tying scarfs in fun ways, especially experimenting between shawls and mufflers for fun winter looks =) i found this on google, and i think its pretty cute and the ideas are greaaaat. theres a link embedded (hee hee, i feel so techie =P as you know, technology isnt my forte) in the picture that’ll lead you to the original blog where this picture came from and give you some instructions on how to dress up your scarfs like zat =D id just like to point out that some of the instructions are way too vague for me to understand so if someone could please explain some to me in a more detailed way, please do <=) oh, and id just like to point out that by looking at the picture one can (or atleast, i can) figure out most of these ideas and how to do it quite easily so i attached the picture to the post, and put the link as an optional thing/resource. hope this is interesting and cool and fun and unique and helpful and pretty and cute and and and…you get the picture =P


3 thoughts on “Tying Stylish Scarfs

    • haha, thanks, and i know what you mean =P i have a grand total of two shawls and two mufflers that i use all the time in winter. but i have this huuuuge amount of scarfs but i just had NO idea how to tie and wear them =) this gave me a couple of ways to try out. you never know, some people might get intrigued to the point where theyll buy some scarfs to try em out =P (…i myself have bought things just cuz it seems i can do interesting things with them) shit, did i just write all THAT?! =O oopsies =p

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