Debate Nationals (Under 17)

i got short listed to represent my school at the national under 17 tournament concerning parliamentary debates. and now for the next month of weekends ive got tournaments and then finally, the nationals T_T

iand the truth is, i just dont wanna go to aaall of those pre-national prep tournaments. plus, their not even in my hometown, and my dad might not give me permission to go to them all. so i have a lot more chances of going to a few compared to the all or none option. ideally, i wanna go to one prep tournament, and then the nationals. especially since i’ve already been to one debate tournament in my home town.

the ICAS debate championships. sure, we lost terribly, but i think i seriously improved and learnt a buuunch of new things. it is the little things that matter in debates =P so thats great and all. oh, and it was according to power ranking. as in no. of wins and speaker points. when it came down to the winning, we were the lowest, since we had zero wins (out of three) but when it came to speaker pts we were landed it into the top 5. (there were 14 or 15 teams present) plus, when it was the first round, where there were only those who had one win, and those who had zero wins, we had the highest speaker points then too (out of all those who were in the zero wins block =P)

and i absolutely refuuuse to debate if Moghuis and salman are on my team. i hate them. and their debating sucks. first of all, salman listens and understands exactly what his stance is supposed to be, but when he gets up to speak, its completely off. his language implies something completely different. i cant cope with that. ugh. and mogheis just cant make eye contact, stop jumping, jerkin, and dancing here and there, stop insulting the opposite team/ anyone who asks a POI, let alone speak. blargh. they are just so annoying.

oh, and at the end of the debate tournament, gues what China had to say to me? (saad azam, loud mouth arrogant little over confident-) (fiz’s lil obnoxious brother) who has only debated for a MONTH and doesnt even look at the audience since he’s too busy cowering behind the piece of paper that he is reading in a boring dull monotone that’ll lull anyone to sleep. (oh and he spoke once out of those three debates, and i was in the other two.) He said that if he had been debating instead of me in all the matches, we would’ve won. pshaaaaw. like to see you try, mama’s boy. (he only came to debates cuz its prestegious and his mom told him too. and cuz hes smart good at memorizing and ratafying and thus able to get good/occaisonally great marks, he’s been deluded into thinking he’s good at everything, and refuses to admit im better than him even though its clear as day. )and fyi, i have been debating for three years and im pretty good. (the judges said if i were on a different team, i couldve wouldve won =) hee hee) in the end all these jerks had the audacity to blame their defeat onto ME. losers. i admit, i wasnt at my greatest, but im not to blame for the entire loss either. i mean, they weren’t perfect speakers then either. far from it =P

yeaaaah, and thats my evil rant about debating, and my weekends being confiscated, and the evil sucky debate trio, so yeah =P

ok, gonna go cool off now and listen to some songs really loudly now ^_^

oh oh oh oppa gangnam style~ haha, just kidding =D


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