Midterm Exams Back

eeps. i just got my exams (the midterm ones) back. i am fairly disappointed. someone who has always gotten As and A+s getting nothing but Bs and Cs? super depressing and sad =(

but there is some hope after all! Thing is, our exams are only 50% of our grades and the other 50% is our monthly assessments- hw, cw, behavior, tests, monthly tests. the works. Including all that junk (by junk i do not mean stuff thats useless or icky or whatever, but it is my own language for ‘stuff’. seriously, when i say junk (most of the times) it equals ‘stuff’) i have some fairly good chances of getting As in a couple of subjects =P but still, i am thoroughly disappointed, and depressed, and angry, and upset, and feeling very stupid right about now =/ grrr.

whats worse is that my schools grading is demented. they make it harder to get As so that in our actual final official exams we find it easier to get As. thats absolutely bogus to me. so if to get an A in our exam, its from 80-90% (or 85-95%- they mightve upgraded the scoring. im not too sure about this =/ ), at school an A is 90-95% -_______- i mean, just check out the totally insane difference in levels. it makes students more overconfident than anything else. stupid crap..

so now for my actual resulty stuff. *deeeeep breathe*

Chem. 23/40 MCQs (only one student got in the 30s and that was Rameen who had already finished  Sir Shabeer’s tution which i joined after the exam…=P) 65/70 in theoretical. im pretty good at theory, so thats fine. atp was 37/39 which is totally awesome, and i havent a clue as to what i got in my practical (havent found out yet). all of this stuff though, outta 50, is 42. that is to say, i got a 84% which is great and all (a genius result at my school, compared to that of my peers), but for someone who for an entire year got nothing but a 100% in the subject…its bad =/

Bio. 33/40 MCQs. 70/80 (some stupid blunders. there is this one question i mightve gotten right but the teachers unsure of the answer. shes gonna check and then tell me later.) atp was 35/40. the practical was 10/10. so overall, outta 50, i get 44 which happens to be second to only fiza who got 45 =) percentage wise, i got 84%.

Phys. 29/40 MCQs. theoretical 53/75 ( i got more than Adil, the phys prodigy/genius/nerd! =O something is wrong with the universe today.) 27/30 for ze atp. and practical was 14/15. overall, thats 38/50 and 77% once again, i got more than adil who got 75%. it was a shocking 40 min. especially since i SUCK at physics. honestly, it is like my worst subject. bleh. i don like it =Y

Math. soooo depressssinnnng. math is my best subject. i once got a 113% (bonus questions.) but still, my exam was sooo crappyyyy. personally, if in almost every subject (excluding lit) i need a 80% or above to pass. or atleast, to have past successfully. but i got a 78% i was second highest in my grade, and the highest was shermeen who got a 80%. but still it was a pretty sad moment. =/ paper 1 66/80 and paper 2 was 72/100. there was however a question concerning histograms (and as its my worst topic in stats…) no, i got it riiight. it had to do with frequency density and i remembered/figured out how to do it! so i got that right, but only cuz i took stats =P still, im depressed about this result.

English. was humiliating. thing is, Sir Tariq knows that i wanna get into Yale and was throughing the grades into my face. he did mention the words ‘with these grades none of you are getting into yale’ multiple times, and also his last comment was specifically directed at me with my name attached. i did manage a B though..but i know, it was pretty sucky. thing is, i missed about two weeks of vigorous comprehension classes while i was preping for my stat exam in oct. i got a 49/60 in paper 1 which was directed writing. annoyingly, i got the format of the letter wrong. it was supposed to be an informal letter and i thought it was too but then when the lined ‘write in a standard letter format’ came up, i was confused. i thought that the standard letter format meant formal format. so in the end i wrote in the formal format which also happened to be the wrong format..in paper 2 which was comprehension (im really bad at comprehensions.) i got a 43/50. so overall, i did get a B, a 42/50, and a 84%.

lit. we havent gotten our exams back yet but i got a 73% which is a C and not good at all.i was expecting/hoping for over 75%, maybe a 78 or 79 but no such luck =/ im sad. the teacher accused me of not working hard, or studying. *sniff* pissed at that, cuz i actually do study a lot for her damn class. grrrr..

one small perk is that my bro, Q, managed to fail his eng and math exams, which is a huuuuuge shock since they happen to be his best subjects. correction, he failed one of his math papers, and was crying about that…my mom is pretty angry at both of us. my little sister still has til monday to live (she gets her result then). so huzzah, thats over and dealt with =P

better luck next time =P


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