Heyyy Raffay

Not too sure about the spelling but.

My mammi aunt just went to the hospital for her delivery! im about to have an adorable little boy cousin! eeks! this is suuuch a big deaaal! there are only TWO pregnancy i even remember, one my little baby 5 month year old sister Rida, and now Hadia mammi’s son Raffay.

And gosh, shes probably going through hell right now and the timings so sucky since i cant go to the hospital cuz ive gotta go babysit rida. grr. i wanna seeee hiiimmm. but his mother (eeps, its just so FUN being able to say that now!) just got hospitalized so lets just wait and see whats happening now and how long its gonna happen for. i remember my mom went into labour at like 9.30 pm but rida was here at like 10.30 or 10.45 either way, this could take a while =/

but OH. MY. GOSH. nerogdnoruifg ovmndosogl ewhxkdhl. its still such a big heaping of hugity hugenessitude =S

my mom and dad are going to the hospital in a bit to visit and go baby-watching (what else would you call it exactly?) so my momll be keeping me posted about the whats hap situation. =x stiiiillll. blarghityblahblhahbschaaaw.

haha, so many new words, so little time..

i just hope its an easy birth, he’s a healthy and beautiful baby boy, and all happens quickly and hadia mammi gets better soon and that this kid grows up awesome and happy. and that he loves and idolizes his older cuz, Frosty the happenin’ snow gentleman =P

more when i know more!!


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