BRRR- Fight Ze Winterrr with Hot Drinks!

Feel that cold? Hate it? or just love it? oh, but that doesnt matter, it’s cold. Currently im not living somewhere where it snows (sniff;thankgod) but recently its gotten just so. COLD. i mean, this city’s broken all coldness records noted for the past FIFTY YEARS. serious yikes. but ive got my vanilla complan so im fine ^_^

I was searching for some recipes to make hot white chocolate, and a few other microwavable and epic hot drink ideas. (i was only recently introduced by my friend to the whole brownie in a cup thing, and my mind was, simply, blown.)

thats how i came across ZIS. its a blog all about scarves (im hooked, and obsessed, k? =P) but these drinks just sound SO GOOD. *drool*

ps. the link includes a recipe for Butterbeer! yep! and chocolate involving drinks too, so go checky checky! and it involves coffee alternative drinks too, such as tea, but not any type of tea, a chai tea latte! go see, fellow Brits and all other chai luvahs! (haha, luvahs. oh the lameness =/ =P )

oh, and speaking of tea, i had a cup of pink tea today. mmmmmmmmmm. yum. for those who dont know, its this pink tea (duh) that has grinded and blended nuts into it, such as almonds, hazelnuts, whole nuts, walnuts, etc. its really yummy when made properly. i got a cup that was creamy and the nuts blended in perfectly with the taste! but sometimes the teas too sweet (i know, blasphemy, since im a staunch and strict believer that nothing can be too sweet! neverrr!) that the nuts just taste weird with it. so yeaaaah.

just looking at the pictures makes me thirsty. personally, i cant vouch for their taste since ive never actually made any of them, but i really would like! but that involves getting up, bundling up in layers upon layers of clothes, and going out on a perilous quest into the chilly, windy, dark, cold, rainy, freezing night. yup. a perilous quest for hot drinks. so worth it, yeah. …but i still havent gone to get any of ze ingredients. bleh =P lazy me as usual.



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