RandomTidbit: CentiLiters?

ok, being good at math, or since i can think,  i do know that cm cube can be converted into liters. sure, why now. liters are a unit for measuring volume, except for liquids, sure. so, its totally possible. and cm cube is very obviously a unit for measuring volume too. so yeah.

i was flipping through one of my favorite books of all time, the Little Oxford English Dictionary (the Indian Edition, might i add =) )-and yeah, i do happen to flip through my dictionary from time to time to discover new fun words, to use, to enlighten my friends, to insult my friends with, etc…in fact, ive put a few in a page called ‘the Blah&Brit dictionary’ so go check that out!- and there, just THERE is the word centiliters.

so why is it that i see the prefix ‘centi’ precede the word ‘liter’ im like- mind blown. even though it makes sense if you actually think about it, but….the mere thought of it, is just, pssshhhhh, not even possible. huh. i dare you, anyone out there (and i myself shall take a survey, and question a BUNCH of people too) to ask any random person, give them 5 seconds to respond and/or think about it, and tell you whether or not the word ‘centiliters’ can be a legit unit of scientific measurement. i bet no 5th grader i know will get it right! =D ill be posting the results about the survey later, when i have  sufficient data B)

centi= 10^(-2) Therefore:
_____centiliters= 10^(-2) x ____liters.

but i still find it weird =S am i the only one, honestly? hello? =P

haha, well…

Frosty ouuuuutttt~


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