Ze Long March Protest Thang

I happen to live in the capital, and there are protests every now and then. did i mention how this particular city is actually a fort and can lock itself down? you know, like a siege from (BBC) Merlin? no? well, i have now.

Sooo, this monday was supposed to be one of those protests. and since it usually gets dangerous, sometimes even shooting occurs, schools were closed as were just about everything else. everyone stayed at home, and frankly, kids were having an awesome time not having to go to school on monday. i mean, isnt that just like a life long dream come true? monday was cancelled, literally! =D

and then so was tuesday.

it only makes sense, though. no ones gonna rally up a mob to march all the way to the parliamentary house and all around the city, to get what they believe citizens deserve, and protest what they dont agree with for just a day, and then obediently go home, right? so these protesters are still here, the roads are still blocked, and school is still off =) for an ENTIRE week -as in, the rest of this one. but its still epic.

its kinda funny and ironic that kids are just so thrilled when they are being deprived of their educational rights and their education cuz of politics, but no one gives a shit, and everyones happily just ordering out and chilling at home on 9gag, fb, tumblr, twitter, youtube, this blog…you get the picture =P

and im having loads of fun at home too =) i just forgot to post this one monday, but eh, whatever =P

i myself have just been exploring youtube after so long, and started watching these new channels that i just find hilarious. these are the ones i was watching all day today only though, but theyre: officialsampepper, jacksgap, marcusbutlertv, pointlessblog, zoella(insert random bit of numbers i dont remember), discap, etc. oh and there was also the Your Grammar Sucks series =) aaaand thats all i remember =P

there might be a debate tournament here, this friday, and im taking part, if its not cancelled so wish me luck cuz im gonna need it =P especially since ill be going without practice, so yiiiiikes! a longs annoyed rant on that laterrrr ^_^

and yeah, thats it. schools off! schools out! mondays cancelled, huzzaaaah!

Frosty the Snowman, Was a  Jolly Happy Soul~!




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