Ze White Laptop Internet Flop 2013

SOrryyyyyy. ive been soo terrible at keeping mah blahg updated and all…i havent posted in sooo loooong. now heres why, first.

ive been using the tiny white netbook laptop and it decided to rebel in an entirely different way…it refuses to detect any internet connections -.- hence, i am unable to connect to the internet at all…and this happened right after i was notified of my blahgs one year anniversary (yes, by wordpress… i didnt use it much in the beginning, remember? >.< ) and wrote an entire post about it…then BAM, what is this internet you speak of? cuz i havnt seen it since then… atleast, on the white laptop…

so now im stuck hitchhiking on the black toshiba one (to-shiii-baa~). which is shared by the entire family. grrr.

And my brother has had to install some kinda proxy thing-a-mah-bob called Vpn, i think, and its ANNOYING as hell. it literally only allows you to visit that one website thats banned and no other! every damn time i disconnect it, it reconnects again every freaking two seconds later! repeatedly! easily one of the worst things possible. especially when paired with how angry and easily my agitation and irritation with this kinda techie stuff flares to rage and inferno (ha, lame pun =P last book i read. book review/ my feed back it later =P ) in a mere second. so beware. things wont be ending well there…

and im done explaining this and saying sorry now….

gonna go flip on over to much more random posts and news now.

forgiven? =3