‘An Ironic Math’ and Forever Young

So today was the first day of school for me after the national U17. and if you have access, to see how it went go check out this other insanely long (atleast 700 word long story that isnt even done yet…) post- no a journal entry cuz i havent posted it as public. so yeah.

So anyways, today we also celebrated my english teacher’s belated bday (it was actually on sunday), Sir Tariq. remember him from my retarded and random dream about infinate knowledge? so yeah, english group 3 was throwing it which happens to be the grp where most of my freinds are (and starting today rubab and nawal also transfered out to it, stranding me all alone. thanks a lot guys. i was seriously annoyed by that.) so i even got let out early from phys the previous class so as to help set up the bday bash for him. we went to the 8th grade side canteen and set up a table and put the specially ordered cake there. it was chocolate and with cream it was written ‘Forever Young 30+’ on it. we have a long standing joke between any of sir tariqs students that he is over a billion yrs old, and played squash with hitler and was best freinds with alexander the great (he teaches world affairs too and evidently just loves history). so its pretty apt. and even the two mini ish homemade pizzas that shagoofa made had ‘taru’ on one, his nickname, and ’30+’ on the other. it was cute and fun =) we even had balloons, a huge party popper, snow spray, lyla made some awesome pasta, and even a hanna montanna bday hat =D so i celebrated with them all, eventhough they kicked out everyone from english grp 4 (which im in, hee hee) and i only got ONE bite of pasta before adil rained on my parade and told me that sir usman was substituting for what i thought was a free period since sir sohrab was absent. so i rushed right on over cuz i might get expelled since our super strict pricipal was at our branch today, and cuz we might have a big math test coming up and i missed everything since i was  gone for the debating thing.

so i discovered this from the 19th of Feburary, 9.01am, 2013 while looking for another post id published. its not complete, but im gonna publish it anyways ^_^


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