Back from SICAS ’13- Hellooo Home

home swet home ❤

there shall be no engrish in zis post. no, nah surry.

i used it all up at the Debate tournament. Myeh. Yelling and shiz. and- dat bus ride. aye hanye.

yesh, im so lame. that lame, mhmm. next level lame. *oooooh* (personal joke with Aashi =3 er, ie, ayesha….dat swag =/ )

BUUUT imma crazy, and looosing it. ahem. lost it. as WELL as mah voice. deplomacy, pshaw. so overrated. everyone freakin’ YELLS, man. to be heard, to speak, to make an impression, to go to the bathroom- ANYTHING. you must be doing ze yelling. haha.

wow, im killing the usual grammar nazi me =( oh well, ill live. amputation might be required however….

*howeeverz. sorry ’bout that.

my throat huuuurts…i need something warm…or water…oh, more on that and DETAILS later.

this is just to show my mental state when i got home. and that i AM back. debates out of town are the FUNNEST but so so soooo tiring and exhausting.

heeeey, and i made a new schoolie friend too =3 yay.

i need sleeeeeep.

so blaaaargh. leave meh alone to drown my pain in hot chocolate and a book and a blankie. my blankie ❤

HAH. i wish. too tired to read, even though ive got a new book…ive got SAT classes starting tomorrow and MUN ones too…i wanna go to Budapest, in Hungary. and its a YALE MUN toooooo xO i wanna goooooo. i didnt go to ze Prague Yale MUN last year and regretted it SO MUXH. (*MUCH) but lets see….i might not be good enough for the school to send me =/ (you get picked to see if youre good enough to go, sometimes. you never know what my schools up to.)

SLEEEP. now. so no more this. NOH MORE, MUN (weird way to spell man, ikr?)

Ze out!







and *poof*


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