A Brief Pause due to Hectivity

SInce ive got waaaay  too much on my plate, at the moment, and cuz of laptop sharing issues, i shall poof, from possibly a couple of days to maybe even up to a week. which sucks cuz ive got sooo muuuuuch to talk about.

like how i saw the coolesst chick in the world wearing two pairs of glasses today…

or how i m debate went today where i wasnt a terrible first speaker aaaand how i wanted to strangle a certain someone/ throw my nokia through his head..hmm….

oh oh and the debaaaate out of town, and shiiit xD i wannna talk about all of that *pout* =(

but anyways, until then-

oops, phone, aashi, and i gotta go…

so LA LA LA~

Ze Out!


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