Why not Both?

I don’t like making decisions in the morning much. I can be very sleepy, too groggy, just lazy, bored, or in a mood that will most probably change by the end of a car ride. So when I’ve got to pick out an outfit in the morning, rather than at night, and maybe some eyeliner to go with it? I fry some brain cells.

(The following is kind of what happened on Friday.)

So I was questioned by Alya (after covering her dark hoodies in light lint from my white sweater, and “cat hair” from my FAKE fur jacket…) why I never wear any super black outfits. It’s just not my thing, the color black. Plus, I don’t have much of things that are black. That’s why. I like color, and I’m a rainbow. Even when I wear black.

Like I was the next day. I wore a black sweater, faded gray-ish black skinnies, gray fabulously sparkly flats, and a rainbow. An ombre cowboy scarf (the kind that’s a triangle and you tie around your neck, like a cowboy would? Not sure what it’s really called…) that went from white, to blue, to purple, to pink. And had bedazzled peace signs on it. Totally me. and totally adding color to my outfit.

But with such a punkish outfit- which, by the way, is so not what I usually wear, since I usually dress like a, well, there’s a reason I’m called a rainbow after all.- I thought to go all out and add some eyeliner plus my ear cuff. But then I had enough with the black and grey combo of my outfit, and thought to put on colorful eyeliner instead of classical black.

And that’s how the brilliance of inspiration really came along. I couldn’t make up my mind between the bright blue one, and my signature purple one. See, I’m the only one at my branch that wears purple eyeliner, and it’s kind of my thing. Buuut I hadn’t worn my blue one in sooo long, and it’s super bright…so I just thought, “why not both?”

I lined from the centre of my top eyelid to most of the way to the corner with blue, then took some purple, lined with that from my corner to a bit overlapping the blue, making this cool ombre-ish finish. And apparently, it was awesome! Cuz I got so many compliments, and loads of people noticed, which was great. I my self was pretty awed that so many make up enthusiasts were actually so impressed by my ingenuity and creativity, since I don’t really wear any makeup to school except eyeliner, and that too whenever I feel like I’m in the mood.

But then again, my eyeliner’s are the coolio kind. Gold, blue, purple. Yeah, I’m awesome. And a rainbow. [I lost my best black one at the mall a while back, and can’t find a place that sells it either =( ]

Weeeell, I’m off to obsess a bit more over watching Castle now…so later!

the cool as hell snowman that inspires not one, but all.


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