A Guilt Ridden Troublesome Two


I just forgot my own blahg’s anniversary :O I feel so ashaaamed =(

IN MY DEFENSE, it was on the day of one of my CIEs so there. Hmph.

(June 10th- I’ve missed yet another anniversary. I think I’m starting to see a tradition here… >.> <.< )

The worst part is I REMEMBER the day. I just forget to actually POST something on that exact day…

Man, I’m lazy.

I have been distracted with just oh so much too…

(Uni applications, requesting teachers to write recommendation letters, always anime of course, sleeping, and throwing myself into mah cosplay for the last animecon with my friends in this country =( (and first).)

Hmm…worst anniversary post everrrr. I’ve only complained! I haven’t even thanked any of my readers for putting up with me ._.

MEH, I’ll do a proper thingie later. Yeah, procrastination! And I reaaaaally have very many dreams to fill you guys in on. As well as current obsessions (uni, skype, chatting ( I joined a CLAN :O no, it is not a cult .-. ), Once Upon a Time, certain anime I’ve already gushed about oh so much, as well as my COSPLAY. Aaaahrgh. #dyingOfExcitement. #BeeLive.)

Sooo. Here’s a funny article that just made my day. HARRY POTTER, man, go check it out!

Harry Potter and the thinking Train of freaking Tumblr. This is going to be a hella fun.

What a depressing, and disfunctional anniversary thingie xD

But this is a must- I love anyone who bothers to read the shiz I post here~! For now, forever, and for always. Yeah, I know “for always” makes no sense. It is nearly THREE AM. Deal with it. LA LA LA.

No, seriously, if you are reading this, you get  a pat on the back, and a gold star sticker of love, adoration, and approval from me ❤ Go you! I want to tell you you are perfect in so many beautiful ways, but if you’re reading this and enjoying this sort of stuff, then I’m sorry to say that may not be the reality of the situation. Run away before it is too late. Saaave yourseeeeelf.


Happy IInd Anniversaryyyy, my Blahg~! 😀

Love and stickers from all of us here, and now for my signature sign off:

Crazy, Chocolate, and Cookies,
-Ze, Frostie, Dr. Wattson, Ali, and all other minor facets of me that all ARE ME.



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