ReviewRamble- HIMYM Finale

So How I met your Mother just ended. And wow. Just, whoah. I knew a few things were going to happen, and a few that didn’t, but all in all, there were a lot of feels in that episode.

But another reason why this is a big deal for me is that HIMYM is my replacement Friends. I know, Friends is the original hit series that himym was based off of, and all that, trust me, I do, but I haven’t seen Friends so…

“What?! You haven’t seen FRIENDS?! What is WRONG with you?!!”

*I haven’t seen Friends YET.

I have a promise I made with BK that I wouldn’t watch Friends til I was 21. I’d enjoy it more in my twenties according to her, and by Zaid’s logic, it totally makes sense, since I won’t get most of the jokes anyways.

So when I heard that HIMYM is a show created to be similar to Friends, and is targeting the same audience, with the same emphasis on comedy, I was thrilled to watch it.


And I loved the idea of the story! Not just the fact that a father is telling the tale of how he met the mother of his children to his children, but how the story is told to us, the audience, with the time shifts, the stories, the amazing future, past and present changes.

And when I googled himym, I found out that Bob Saget? is the voice of Future Narrator Ted! That’s Danny from Full House! WOW. I had no clue.

Although I can never see the scene where Future Ted is talking to the kids the same way again…I now imagine Danny talking to them instead! And the weirdest bit? He doesn’t even sound like Danny! He sounds like TED! It’s so confusing, and I can’t really wrap my head around it.

Spoiler Alert

I hated how Barney and Robin got a divorce, especially after their utterly brilliant and beautiful wedding. The struggles they each went through to actually get married, and all the character development, nearly all gone, and out the window in that one scene where they tell everyone that they got a divorce. And the true sadness of it all, and harsh reality of hopelessness when Barney actually replies to Lily’s confrontation of him reverting to his pre-fallen in love ways with how if he couldn’t make marriage work with an amazing soul mate like Robin, he didn’t see it happening with anyone else either, ever.

I hated how they broke those two up, after everything that happened between them in this last season. I mean, Barney’s freaking wedding vows!! The most romantic thing I can say happened in this show! Yes, more so than the Blue French Horn, there I said it!

Buuut despite all that, I still LOVED the last scene. It was too perfect. It brought the entire show full circle. It was like an entire reinactment of season 1. Not the entire season 1, but the scene where Ted went to Robin’s and.well, you know what I mean. Either way, it was just the same. And the best bit was the acting. How not even a single word had to be uttered to understand exactly what was going on at that moment. It was a second, one second, and Robin got what was going on. And Ted knew what he was doing. They didn’t ruin it with an “it’s about time” from Robin, and a romantic kiss. They just had Robin see Ted with the Blue French Horn, and it was enough. That’s what I loved.

Yet there’s still the super cliched, super expected terrible ending of having the death of the mother, Tracy! I really didn’t like that. They could’ve done so much if she was alive. I mean, Barney and Robin could have had their happily ever after, and Marshal and Lily have nearly always had theirs, and Ted could have proved it. Proved that even though he loved Robin, he was over her, and he fell in love with someone else, so much more. And he could have had his happily ever after with Tracy. But nooo, they killed her off, they had Robin and Ted get together. I didn’t like that one bit. Because in the end, it implies that Ted never did get over Robin. And here, if he’s the nice enough guy to steal her blue french horns, and get a blue orchestra, and so much more, he got together with her against all odds.


^and I typed all of that out on the 2nd of April, 2014 at 11:24 am. I never completed it, and I’m just gonna post whateverrrr I have written up until now, complete or not, making sense or not, cliffhanger or not, bleh. I really should post my things instead of leaving incomplete drafts for months now…

Stupid me -.-”



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