Maybe Calculus BC?

This is just a short update on today’s maths related awesomeness.

So since we had our physics quiz yesterday, everyone asked Patel if he had checked it yet. He hadn’t cuz he also taught a class apparently called Calculus based physics and they had had a quiz that day too. So, just to make our test seem easier, he let us look at it if we wanted to. So I decided to.

And it was ALL just simple acceleration, velocity and displacement physics with normal integration and diffrentiation.

So I commented how easy it was and that I hadn’t even ever taken calculus before.

Um, turns out I had. All those things are calculus! Even identities, and double diffrentiation! So I felt super stupid being in pre calc honours….

And when I discussed it with Patel afterwards, he thought I should have been in Calc BC!

(Thats where they do the entire normal Calculus course in just one semester, and you cover even more advanced stuff in the second semester.)

So I talked to Prosser about it, and she said she’ll try to talk to Shaeffer, my adviser, and the calculus teacher to see if they could switch me.

I’ll probably be tested by the Calculus teacher to see whether I belong in AB or BC.

I just hope I do get transferred! I’m sooo bored in my current class, and want to kill myself. And possibly others too.

See? It really is in the best interests of everyone that I swuth to a tougher class :3


The magical as hell snowman


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