Ze New Newton’s Second Law

Okaaaay, so I know I haven’t been posting in foreverrrr, but it’s senior year, man! I’m busy. Especially what with moving and all.

But forget all that. This is a short annecdote of what happened in my AP physics class today…

Patel asked the class, as he stood right in from of my desk in the front, “everyone except you-” looks at me- “meassures weight in?”

Now this shmuck in the back decided to say miles.


You read that right. MILES.

I don’t know who this Einstein was, because everyone was answering his question at the same time.

But MILES. Damn. People can be so stupid.

“Drat! I think I just gained a metre!” “Well, at least you aren’t 4.7 miles like me! I’m soo fat!”

This had to be shared.

Anyhoo, Imma poof now!

The magical as hell snowman.


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