Anime Updates- Summer to Autumn ’15

*Still not addressing that year long absence…*

This summer I kinda made a decision on a whim that totally messed up my anime plan for the summer, and has kinda affected even my Autumn plans sorta, but I’m getting back on track now! Kinda. (And about to go flying off the rails again pretty soon too…)

Okay, time to explain. Traditionally, Alya and I pick out the anime we want to watch and follow for the upcoming season, and then decided which we’ll be watching together. We make compromises, deals, and wagers to figure out our anime schedule for that season.

And after I’d decided (and agreed) to watch all of the following:
I  Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (paused. Manga’s totally much better!)


II Aoharu x Kikanjuu (never started)

III Charlotte (finished…tonight, as is pretty evident from my last post.)
IV Classroom Crisis (finished)

V Gangsta (TOTALLY DROPPED. no.)
VI Gate: something something. Don’t remember the added on Japanese stuff. (haven’t finished)

VII God Eater (Ugh, the rest got postponed to this Winter…)

VIII Rokka no Yuusha (finished)


I ended up putting just about all of those on pause or whatnot because…I’d started Detective Conan (DC). And I was obsessed. Within two and a half weeks I was at around sixty or seventy episodes. By two months, I was at a hundred and fifty. Then I paused because, you know, UNI.

But being me, I still managed to find myself completely drowning in anime again and got to around episode 200 and something. But then midterms and finals, so I never really got into it after how I’m pretty sure I’m past 300 now…

And that’s why about a week ago (yes, I know I’m like nine weeks late!) I dove back into this Autumn’s anime season. Which is what I’m trying to catch up on now- although the only thing I have left to catch up on is Owari no Seraph season two! (Though that was what I was most excited about this season, excluding Haikyuu season two. But finals. So I’ll catch up on it soon!)

Plans for winter break besides catch up and finish this Autumn season? Weeeeell, that’s where I take action on another bad move….

I’ve decided to watch Sailor Moon! Since I haven’t, and hopefully binging all two hundred episodes should be doable. As well as watch Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (FMAB).

And Star Wars.

Maaaaan, I’m going blind, now aren’t I?

the magical as Hell snowman


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