From A Walk in the Park to Finding Nemo

Mother Nature’s been having quite some mood swings this winter, but she finally calmed down enough that it was above the freezing point of water (how’s that neutrality? Neither celsius or the icky one….so much for neutral.)

Anyhoo, since the weather was great, my mom thought to drag us out to a forest preserve for a lovely walk, but in the end, some guests stayed suuuper long, and we lost all sunlight hours. Because there weren’t any lights up in the preserve, we decided to go for a walk downtown because fairy lights and fun ❤

We walked through the park, and found some gorgeous mason jars decorated with different laces glowing with candles inside. It was beautiful and totally instagram wothy! How to explain pretty in the age of apps :3

We walked on, but when we were making our way back to the car and retracing our steps, my dad actually questioned why they were put there, and I said it could be a memorial or something. But then we found one on the floor, and I thought someone had knocked one over, but once we got closer, we could see it was placed there on purpose.

There was a flower (hint, hint) and a note too, which I read it. Some stuff about this being the final clue and how it’s a good one- “will you be my valentine?”

Someone had gone out of their way to set up a riddles clue hunt through the park to ask someone out for Valentine’s! Totally adorable and hilariously movie cliched, but awww.

Anyhoo, besides that, I kinda stole someone’s hot chocolate order from Starbucks (our orders got mixed up and I only realized after I tasted it and got my pink lipstick all over the top of the container…so I just sorta walked out of the store quickly. With Que in tow xD “Don’t make eye contact, but I think I just stole that guys hot chocolate.” Oopsies.) Well, we both had ordered hot chocolate, so yeah…

Sooo we walked some more, and found this store with a fish tank out on display. I saw a Dori and a Nemo in it (yes, those are the fishes names. Not clownfish, or any of that nonesense- Nemo. His name is Nemo. Or Marlin.), which I obviously exclaimed out loud and pointed towards. Ridz then was hooked and barely budged from in front of the display after that xD

Whiiiich lead my dad to suggest we watch Finding Nemo when we got home. And that’s basically how I spent my Saturday night besides calc homework and some ridiculous “coding” for CS.

(Though there was this jellyfish that at first looked like it sorta had a spider web stuck to it which turned out to be a string! We were appalled that it looked like someone had deliberately tied up the poor thing! But then with our noses pressed up to the glass we saw it was made of plastic and a fake jellyfish- er, yeah 😛 )

Nooow time to watch some brilliant Haikyuu then bed time :3

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Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo/The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Okay, this was so unexpectedly DIFFERENT from what I thought it would be! I knew it was about time travel- I mean, who wouldn’t with that kind of title? Speaking of the title, Makoto figuring how to leap through time is just…

[Spoiler Alert! Not really, but the rest of the post is!]

her legit LEAPING all the time. I’m surprised she didn’t get all those bruises she got when she was trying to save Kousuke and Kaho (?) earlier with all the jumping she did.

(ALSO. They sort of never addressed that head on- how she tripped over some guy’s trainer when she was running down that hill. I mean, it’s obvious to infer that “some guy” is probably Chiaki, buuuuut he said he used up his last time travel charge to save them because a certain someone was crying with guilt. But he made her tumble too..? To save her from sacrificing herself?? Though she WAS way too far to do anything like that…I DON’T GET IT AND IT BUGS ME. It’s legit like the only discrepancy I notice with the time travel so far in this movie…)

I sort of found it annoying at first- how the art doesn’t seem to focus on the main characters. They’re all extraordinarily plain, but the backgrounds and different scenery are amaaaazingly detailed. It was unnerving and a little disliked in the beginning, but I kinda grew to like it. It makes the characters seem easier to understand and simpler, though they aren’t really. A bit more…honest almost.

This scene bugged me! I thought Makoto would time travel back and back and back and maybe eventually realize she liked Chiaki, then time travel back to this scene and just damn SAY YES.

But she doesn’t.

Mayyybe Chiaki being from the future had a little something to do with that. Just maybe.

I originally thought Makoto would learn her lesson with time traveling and use up her last time charge to leap back to the day that was super “unlucky” for her- which she edited to suuuuper lucky once she figured out how to control her leaps. You know, live out her life as she was supposed to that first time. With all the mishaps and disasters. Getting up late, not getting any pudding, cooking like me in her cooking class, but walk home instead of ride her bike. But they didn’t do anything like that, and it was evident after the scene where Makoto waited in the  science lab for whoever it was she saw that day.

Now, I thought the movie would interestingly have Yuri walk in like they did and make it seem that the person that shocked Makoto in the first place into time traveling was her from the future. But instead of having her realize that herself when no one showed up in that room, Yuri mentions once Makoto runs off how she did see someone on her way over to that science lab. Surprise, surprise, it was Chiaki.

And there you have it- it becomes blatantly obvious that Chiaki was- is- I don’t even know anymore- from the future.

(….what a bore.)

But it was kinda alright, sorta really emotional, and prettyyyy infuriating with THIS ENDING. And now I don’t know what to expect.

There was no amazing end credit scene in the future or anything. I reaaaally liked a lot of it. It did catch me off guard, got me to care and to cry, and got my interested. But it did annoy me with some aspects like Chiaki being from the future and actually going back once he had his time charge.

(Also, how did he time leap back so that Makoto and he had one last charge left AFTER they both used them up?? AND his device was broken??? MORE DISCREPANCIES AAAH)


So many questions. Such few answers. Absolutely no sequels. (Unless this pulls a pixar- since it very well HAS been ten years since it came out….)

Aight, I’ve procrastinated for a good five hours now. I should actually do my english essay now (ewwww).

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Hotarubi no Mori e

So I’ve finally gotten more so into anime movies (like, singular, independent, make sense on their own sort of movies unlike the thousands of pokemon, beyblade, dbz, and many others I’ve seen so far) and this one just kept sort of coming up when I searched for something to watch. That’s why when I realized I had nothing to do for a few hours, I decided to watch it after all.

[Spoiler Alert!]

I reaaaally liked it, but I can’t say I’m too thrilled with the ending even though it was soooo expected. But I wish there had been a cute end credit scene that either made it look like Gin wasn’t *really* gone, or something like that with his presence still watching Hotaru OR if they showed us Hotaru a few years later still remembering Gin ❤

Also, stupid human child sneaking into a spirit festival and tripping all over the place to chase down some chick- like, bacha, it is freaking midnight and you are about nine years old- why aren’t you home?! Why aren’t your parents looking for you? And bloody WHY are you chasing down some girl in the forest?!? This dumb prick is the reason Gin turned to sparkles 😦 Even though it was bound to happen anyways…there’s only so long that guy could go without hugging Hotaru. (At least he kinda kissed her.)

^Possible thoughts going through Gin’s head at this moment:
I Well, crap. I restrained myself for so long only to be touched by a GUY?! Wtf.
II I am so sparkly. Damn.
III I might as well have REALLY kissed Hotaru (five seconds ago).
IV Dang it, Mountain God! Really, I have to die in an explosion of sparkles?! Couldn’t I have just faded away peacefully instead of having my dignity fade away like it is right now??

Or something like that ^_^

But still, this was cute, and now I’m looking for some more to watch. Who would’ve thought I’d watch this and cry just a little? ❤

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Nishinoya/Noya Cosplaaay~!

So in light of my current crazyyyy re-obsession and one-track mindset of Haikyuu, I plan on doing a Haikyuu cosplay even though this would be an ideeeeaaaal group cosplay. (Those are kinda hard to accomplish at the moment when all my group cosplayers have moved to different corners of the world D: )

Anyyyhoo, the only characters I seriously thought to cosplay were Hinata, Nishinoya, and Tsuki, but it’s no surprise who I chose. The wild, awesome Nishinoyaaaa~

And now to spam a thousand pictures of Nishinoya to convince myself even more that this is going to be damn awesome :3

Dun dun duuuuun!

(Psych- I’ll reach it anyways!)





Haikyuu! season II ep 16

[Spoiler Alert! Kinda]


That is all.

Ugh, now I gotta wait a whole week.



Dammit, Tsuki never got any awesome screen time after his episode in the spotlight :Y Geez.

The new second op for this season is my current obsession. And now to loop it as I try to figure out what they possibly plan on doing after Daichi- Aaaaaah! >.<