Last Calc III Lecture

Today was Hibah and my last 8 am calc lecture with Kobotis. Hibah had also texted on our The Real Maths 210 group chat to have a food party in our row. You know, minus the guy that just sort of sits a few seats away towards our right.

Sumaiyya and I were totally down and Hibah agreed to bake brownies. But with my cooking/baking skills, or thereof lack of them, I decided to buy either munchkins or donuts from Dunkin before class. BUT THEN ALLHUMDOLILLAH, the Amish Market showed up~! They were at Union that morning, so I eagerly bought a box of donut holes and a little glazed apple pie thing to try. They both were to die for. So were Hibah’s brownies of course. (Sumaiyya was late and didn’t bring any food, the fool. But then again, when is she NOT late?)

[Ayah was also the sweetest and bought a box of the same donut holes and put a hilariously adorable note in the lounge with it after she heard Hibah and me rave about them. The note talked about how all the MSA sisters were feeling down and stressed and must’ve had holes in their hearts, so here, help yourself to a donut hole to fill that hole right up~ It was sooo incredibly sweet ❤ As sweet as those donuts.)

Yassmin didn’t come to class, so she missed out on that, but Ewa got some of our goodies and was like “damn, I didn’t know we were gonna have a party back here today!”

It was all in all fun and a great way to end this calc class. We then marched on down to ask Kobotis for a selfie, and when I asked for a picture, his first comment was “if I had known you were going to ask for a picture, I would have shaved this morning” and I just about died laughing. Thinking back on that, I still snicker and giggle :3

Then when Sumaiyya holds her phone up to take the selfie, Kobotis asks if it’s a selfie and when he hears it is, he excitedly says “This is my first ever selfie”. So yes, I DID get the first ever selfie with Kobotis and my calc crew.

Needless to say, Sarrah was salty as heeeeeell~ :3 😀 Hee hee ^_^

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