MafiaMissions: an Infiltration, a Drug Lord, and a Getaway Car

The night before the night before last night, I surprisingly had a random, crazy dream.

It starts off at my old house in Pakistan, and I’ve decided to infiltrate this drug lord that is threatening authority in my territory. Oh, if you haven’t figured it out, of course I’m a mafia head in this dream.

So I get disguised slightly so I’m not immediately recognizable and walk on over to their lair (which was very conveniently the evil catnapper’s house- recall how saachi was kidnapped). Anyhoo, I’d gone during midday, so it’s sunny as heeeeck but inside the house, the entire place is dark and gloomy with a lot of black lights all over the place. I encountered a few people, but those henchmen weren’t the ones I wanted to deal with, so I ignored them as they wobbled past in their drug induced trance, giggling eerily every now and then.

I finally found a big fish worth following and he lead me to a public bathroom styled bathroom. It was gross and weird, but it was what it was. I didn’t hesitate to follow him into the guys bathroom, but once inside, he didn’t come out for a while, and so I just waited on a bench near the entrance for him to come out of a stall. But he never did, so I thought he might’ve fallen asleep. In a moment of annoyance and impatience, I got up to walk out in a huff, but then Abdallah suddenly showed up casually saying hi like he had been looking for me. He also didn’t seem to be under any drug influences.

Even dream-me was momentarily dazed by this development, and he just hugged me as a greeting then sat down on the bench next to me. In an attempt to absorb this, dream-me just plopped back down on the bench. Abdallah and I just started talking loads and hanging out, and finally the guy I’d followed into the place left his sanctuary of peace stall and left the bathroom. Not before I nicked his phone though :3 So as Abdallah keeps talking, I just started secretly browsing his phone and trying to transfer files to my lappie back home, a few houses over.

All of a sudden, the smoke alarms start spewing smoke (the irony) and I instantly know something terribly wrong has happened. I run out of the bathroom, apparently not caring if Abdallah was a part of this battle or not. I started casually walking down the empty halls seriously anticipating beating up some grunts cuz they definitely knew I was in there somewhere. All of a sudden, this giant black jeep crashes through the wall, and I see Taco in the driver’s seat yell at me to get in. I know I’m saved, because Taco has always been the getaway driver for my mafia. I climb into the car, and am quickly deafened by some explosions that happened right behind me.

Taco swerves the car and everything goes black for a bit.

I wake up to now be seated neatly in the back of the car. The jeep looked and was the size of a huge limo on the inside, and my family was sitting with me in the back. Ammi was thanking Taco for being “kind enough to give us a lift to our house as we moved” and Hadia and Que were evidently arguing about something or the other. Abu was counting the suitcases behind our seat and doing inventory as he usually does. Rida was on the floor coloring in a coloring book.

I totally remembered what had happened and turned to look at Taco out of confusion. He smiled when responding to my mom, and just winked at me so I knew everything had been taken care of. I then climbed into the passenger seat next to him and quietly discussed how the files I’d transferred from that guys phone were exactly what we’d been looking for to blackmail these guys into submission. Although it’d worked out, I was a little bummed I didn’t get to meet the head drug lord, especially since I was starting to think she was a girl. Looking out the window in dismay, I wondered if we ever could be friends if anything else. Would anything have changed if I had met her that day? I’d been meaning to expand my territory of F-8, F-9, F-10 and Chitown after all xD With thoughts like this I just gazed out the window as we drove on.

Driveway Dancing

Dang, I must really be hitting my  low point of boredom in the summer vacation now. Do you know why I say that? It’s cuz I had ANOTHER crazy dream last night. Two, even.

The first one starts off with dream-me looking at houses with the family in some hilly suburban area. Anyhoo, after a few houses, we find one we like in a good neighbourhood and buy it. Coincidentally, it turned out a looot of HS people lived there. Ateeq (ur Rehman from my grade) lived in the house completely opposite to mine. Omer (Aziz, the one and only lota) was a few houses over on the right of my house. Ahsen (Talha Ahsen of the “Flower Boys” as I called them back in sixth grade HAH xD ) also lived next to Omer. Kamil (big brother himself) lived somewhere nearby a few streets away and would come to hang out with these guys loads. What a weird combination, huh?

Additionally, all my batch people were going to the same uni as me at the time ie Ahsen, Omer and Ateeq.

Now one day, I was driving out of the house to commute to hang out with Dreads and Hibah  on campus. And cuz train life is best life. Duh. But on the drive back, I realized that today was a party at Ateeq’s house and I was debating whether or not to show up. Before I’d made up my mind, and before his party started, I was going out for a walk and saw Kamil all tuxed up dancing the waltz with Ahsen. And it instantly made sense to dream-me because there had been a ball at uni today for the frat Omer and Ahsen were a part of. (Yes, that’s the most realistic this dream has been in a whiiiile.)

So I just imagined there were teaching Kamil for fun and practising around in Ateeq’s driveway. (Ironically, Kamil would probably be the best dancer out of all of them but pfft not so much in my dream it seems like!)

I kind of came over to watch and ended up hanging out with Ateeq as these guys practised there steps and twirls. Later, once the party was starting and the early, punctual type of people showed up, Kamil went home to untux and wear some more casual clothes. But Omer, who was also suited up actually waited until Fatima showed up (I don’t know, okay, I just don’t) and asked her to dance. Qarni was her awkward self and kind of just went with it. They both seemed to suck, although Omer was fiiiine at half an hour ago and that’s where I started to think he  might like Qarni xD Later on in the party, they were having a hilarious time and laughing with each other like comfortable friends at their lack of dance skill :3

Now, once the party was properly started, I showed up inside Ateeq’s house and kind of ended up talking to some guy called Adam that had some pretty cool, shiny braces, like something out of the cartoon Brace Face.

Meghna of all people later joined our converesation and ended up getting super drunk and wouldn’t leave me alone…But then thankfully, Ateeq saved me by dragging me away and we just hung out the rest of the party, walking through his massively crowded house. I vaguely remember Ahsen trying to ask me to dance mid party too, but I just went nah, man and that was the end of that. I think he hung out with us for a while too until Ayesha showed up, and we replaced Ahsen with Ahsan xD Haha, jk, but he did decide to leave once Ayesha showed up and the three of us left had a blast just chilling and stair sledding of course xD

No celestial bodies exploded in this one, so maybe I’m not as bored as I think I am. Whatever. The next weeks about to get hella busy with my internship and all the grad parties anyways.

Oh, but that was the dream I had before walking up at 4:30 am.

After 4:30 am, my second dream:

Errr, shit, I think I forgot a lot of it while trying to piece together the details for the first one. Let’s see if I can get it back.


I totally can’t recall D: Dang iiiiit. Ugh. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to add to this post if I ever figure it out. But I’d like to post about the first dream at least. (I had another crazy dream a few nights ago, but because I couldn’t piece together the entire thing, I just never posted it on time. I’m still working on that one too.)




Updating Natsu/Lemon on “Ohana 2.o”

Yesterday I took part in one of the coolest skype group calls of all time with my fellow anime weebs xD Jk, maybe not. Anyhoo, I was in call with Ban after eoooons since he quite skype momentarily while finals and other major school related things were going on in his life. He was done with all the hard stuff, so we called and theeeen

Natsu (Lemon) then came online and I messaged him intending to tell him about Ohana 2.0 but then Ban suggested I invite him into our call, and he agreed to joining! I actually had forgotten what he sounded like and the fact that we’ve talked since it’d been just so long and since he doesn’t like to talk in call most of the time. Anyhoo, we added him and he did his boring thing of typing out his responses instead of using the magic of a mic…

Ban and I quickly convinced him to talk and it was a pretty fun and ended up lasting something like four hours! I was pretty surprised but had loaads of fun :3

[Some context of our conversation would include singing christmas jingles in May, building snowmen, the hotness of frostie (geez, really?) accidentally, singing/speakshouting as Lemon calls it, “cozy” being the magic word to get Natsu to reply xD , etc. etc.]

Side notes: I was fb inboxing Abdallah during call a few times and when Ban asked, I told him. Now even he thinks Abdallah has a crush on me!! x’D I’m dying this is sooo hilarious! Though Abdallah was salty and jealous I was skyping sooo long cuz I totally ended up ignoring him.

Haha, that’s about it on that xD

the magical as hell snowman

It’s now thunderstorming oh my gosh YUUUUS ❤


Achievement unlocked: Driving License acquired.

So the past year and a few months have been rough with me getting a license.

First, I had to wait a few months to get a permit since I was already 17, but I didn’t want to enroll in a drivers ed class. Once I passed and got my permit the first time, I was prepared to learn how to drive from either Barey Ammi or Barey Abu as soooon as possible, but Abu dropped the bomb on me of how I wasn’t allowed to drive their calls for fear I should damage them and he having to pay for repairs -.-” I got to drive them anyways a few times for practise just like that, but never enough to learn how to drive. Ramadan came and went and there was no progress made. Asma got her permit then and learned to drive before me. It was verrryyyyy infuriating.

A year later, Ammi and Abu and the entire family moved here. Abu had the audacity to ask why I hadn’t learned to drive yet and apparently FORGOT he had banned me from learning to drive in the only cars available for me to drive in. GEEZ.

Anyhoo, I started practising every now and then until we got our own van, but Abu wanted me to drive a smaller car for the test and we needed to get a second car anyways, so I started practising on the tinier one once we got it. The bulk of my driving practise was at night during the end of the fall semester and the beginning of the spring one, yet I still haven’t driven in snow yet. Ammi wouldn’t let me.

Finally, the summer vacation started and my morning practise drives were implemented. I was totally ready to drive in real traffic now after my sporadic drives earlier in the spring.

Then the tedious and absolutely infuriating drives down to the stupidest dmv in the world began. I was turned away the first time because I hadn’t taken some stupid drivers ed for adult class that was implemented like two years ago ugh. Had to enroll in that, ugh, it was sooo stupid. But ey, Dale and Hank the master hillbillies of driving signs did make the experience more bearable.

Once that was done with, I waited for the certificate of completion, my proof of passing the class to arrive through email which took a few days (but that was my own fault since I apparently didn’t call them and confirm my email address). Done and done, I showed up at the dmv on Saturday to take the road test.

AND THIS STUPID BIMBO DIDN’T LET ME EVEN GET IN LINE. She turned me away saying “sorry, we’re really full today so even though we’re open, we aren’t taking any road tests today. Come back Tuesday.”(Cuz they’re closed on Mondays too.)

Tuesday comes, and two hours of waiting later, my test happens. And I got failed. EVEN THOUGH I DID NOTHING WRONG. I had stopped at a red light, in the turn right only lane, and checked that there was no oncoming traffic, THEN TURNED. There was no “No turn on red”sign either. But this bandi goes all up you aren’t everrrr allowed to turn on a red blah blah. Screw her.

SO TODAY, Wednesday, I show up and BAM PASS IT FINALLYYYY.

The picture isn’t the greatest, but as you know, I believe in all super important ID pictures turning out terrible always. Regardless of what you do, or how you prepare for it. The only exceptions to this has been my most recent passport picture. The picture would’ve been a-okay awesome if there wasn’t a flash, but there was and once again, I have the shine of brilliance upon my forehead xD It’s definitely not as bad as my last government issued ID so it’s all good. Thankfully, I can put that away now :3

I should drive out and get ice cream now muahahahaha. Jk too broke.

the magical as hell snowman


Akatsuki no Yona Manga Uptodate-ing

Remember way back in like the Autumn of 2014, I started and loved the anime Akatsuki no Yona? And how I said I would totally read the manga before the second season came out? Well, there’s still no sound of a continuation, but I finally found the time to start and get up to date on the manga!


By fully utilizing my overwhelming freedom in the summer vacation, I have spent the last two ish days reading all 122 chapters of the manga. I nearly finished it last night, but I cried waaaayyy too much when it came to Zeno’s backstory TT^TT I just couldn’t read anymore so I took a day to cope.

There’s just so much emotion here with the manga and it went suuuuper farther than the anime. To put that into perspective, the anime ended at about chapter 27 ish maybe 30 at most in the manga. See what I mean?

Now, I’m not here to fangirl over and theorize about what could happen now. I’m just going to be me and spam a few (hah, that’s not me. I spam A LOT.) of pictures and then be off to start my next summer past time adventure- anime~!



(Plans for the summer: Watch Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (FMAB), rewatch Cowboy Bebop cuz I don’t remember it, and maybe finish the first season of the original Sailor Moon I started in the winter? Who knows. Let’s get to it~!)

But first, Joker Game~

the magical as hell snowman


Haikyuu Memes

A haikyuu meme discussion thread thing happened with some friends on fb. This is what I found after that conversation. (I haven’t added the ones I collected from fb yet though.)

Most random game of monopoly ever.

(Total side note, but
I am shorter than Hinata! I’m 157.8 cm and he’s 162.8 cm.)