Updating Natsu/Lemon on “Ohana 2.o”

Yesterday I took part in one of the coolest skype group calls of all time with my fellow anime weebs xD Jk, maybe not. Anyhoo, I was in call with Ban after eoooons since he quite skype momentarily while finals and other major school related things were going on in his life. He was done with all the hard stuff, so we called and theeeen

Natsu (Lemon) then came online and I messaged him intending to tell him about Ohana 2.0 but then Ban suggested I invite him into our call, and he agreed to joining! I actually had forgotten what he sounded like and the fact that we’ve talked since it’d been just so long and since he doesn’t like to talk in call most of the time. Anyhoo, we added him and he did his boring thing of typing out his responses instead of using the magic of a mic…

Ban and I quickly convinced him to talk and it was a pretty fun and ended up lasting something like four hours! I was pretty surprised but had loaads of fun :3

[Some context of our conversation would include singing christmas jingles in May, building snowmen, the hotness of frostie (geez, really?) accidentally, singing/speakshouting as Lemon calls it, “cozy” being the magic word to get Natsu to reply xD , etc. etc.]

Side notes: I was fb inboxing Abdallah during call a few times and when Ban asked, I told him. Now even he thinks Abdallah has a crush on me!! x’D I’m dying this is sooo hilarious! Though Abdallah was salty and jealous I was skyping sooo long cuz I totally ended up ignoring him.

Haha, that’s about it on that xD

the magical as hell snowman

It’s now thunderstorming oh my gosh YUUUUS ❤


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