42. thats why. *hoping beyond hope someone out there/my future self understood/understands that reference…*

This blog originally started because I have some pretty crazy dreams and after watching Sharkboy and Lavagirl, I decided to keep a dream journal. But with constantly moving, I’ve lost track of all the tangible notebooks I’ve had for that purpose. SO I thought it might be cool do create an online one instead. I mean, even I couldn’t lose that, right?

This blog has progressed from that original purpose to basically exist for passing time, having fun and spreading some of my craziness! So if you’ve got some free time, just stay tuned to this blog! There isn’t much to say, really. After all, I’m just a kid messing around on the Internet. But, heck, it’s been fun so far so check it out~

I love the Percy Jackson series, BBC Sherlock, reading in general, Artemis Fowl, the Inheritance Cycle, sorta Alex Rider, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, jewelry, arts n’ crafts such as drawing, doodling, comic making, knots, even tying ties, and I love mufflers, CHOCOLATE, fatty junk food, maths and other nerdy stuff, Autumn, sweets, anything with sugar/honey, boots, and of course, abnormally-super-ridiculously-dangerously-super-kala-fraga-listic-expi-ala-docious-sweet coffee =) aaaannnd I love cartoons, since I am obviously a 9 year old. duh.

I’m also a literature student who’s been doing Lord Alfred Tennyson poetry, and done Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller and in the middle of Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte/ Ellis Belle. this is only being mentioned as there will possibly be some random Hallam and Tennyson references thrown in here =P i happen to be Maud by the way. I is Maud!
(Geez, that’s pretty old. I’ve totally dissected WH, and have done many other books since as well, like The Scarlet Letter, A Streetcar named Desire, and Jane Eyre.)

But hey, I decided a career (finally)! I’m currently studying Civil Engineering, wohoo~

So yeah, that’s kind of the background details to this. La la la la la~

I also go by a thousand names. I should elaborate on that…See, I have different facets to myself, but I’ve bothered to name them, or others have in the form of nicknames. My brain is called Brian, and then I have plenty others- Ze, Frostie, Wattson, and Maud to name but a few. They all try to coexist in me, but sometimes it gets a little chaotic. That’s how I justify talking to myself ^_^ Haha, just kidding~

But yeah, that’s about all I’ve got for this “why” now, but a major reason as well is- why not? 



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