Mini MovieReview: Finding Dory

Years later, after the most amazing movie Finding Nemo, Pixar announces a Finding Dory. And I don’t know what to do. Should I be crazy ecstatic this is happening? But what if they mess it up? What if this is another out of ideas idea where there are unnecessary sequels??

So many worries. So many expectations. So many fears.

But going in to watch it yesterday with Zahra, Asma, Musfirah, her cousin, Ambereen, Hadia, Haniya, and Mehreen, I am very glad to say:

It was everything I could have ever hoped for. Not even five minutes into the movie, I was bawling my eyes out. Through out the movie, I cried. It was just such an emotional movie for me to watch.

But it was just perfect ❤

the magical as hell snowman

A Weasley Twins Interview

A Weasley Twins Interview

i found this on and just found it hilarious =) i totally adoooorrreee the weasley twins, in both books and movies. they are seriously my favs in harry potter =) i hate how the death and minor ear injury of them is so badly portrayed in the movie. i HATE that, but because everyone loves them so much, so many people (almost everyone in the hall) was crying at that scene. As it happens, a friend of mine asked me at this particular scene, while everyone and she herself, asks me ‘is my kajul ok?’ or is my kohl/eyeliner/eye make up? it was this ridiculous yet depressingly sad moment =P that happened to be funny =)