Haikyuu Memes

A haikyuu meme discussion thread thing happened with some friends on fb. This is what I found after that conversation. (I haven’t added the ones I collected from fb yet though.)

Most random game of monopoly ever.

(Total side note, but
I am shorter than Hinata! I’m 157.8 cm and he’s 162.8 cm.)

Haikyuu! season II ep 16

[Spoiler Alert! Kinda]


That is all.

Ugh, now I gotta wait a whole week.



Dammit, Tsuki never got any awesome screen time after his episode in the spotlight :Y Geez.

The new second op for this season is my current obsession. And now to loop it as I try to figure out what they possibly plan on doing after Daichi- Aaaaaah! >.<