Date Night at the Wall

Last night was a big deal at the wall. A much awaited day finally arrived. Forget about Valentine’s day because it was *pause for dramatic effect* Date Night at the Wall.

Ever since Qarni told us about this crazy event, I’ve been pretty curious about it. You know, after I laughed my breath away. I mean, what do they even do?? Do the couples partner up and one belays the other to a race to the top? Or does the couple compete against each other- do they climb until the cave to make out?? How does this even work???

Well, whatever it was, I wasn’t about to see it first hand since it’s on a Friday and I don’t climb then. But we thought Qarni would totallyyyy go.

Which she sort of dropped by, but because Hibah was taking forever giving her CAD quiz and I had already attempted to quench my boredom by registering to vote, I tagged along (only to run into Fried on our way out, so we dragged her there too).

And found ourselves at Date Night at the Wall! ❤

When we got there, they were still setting things up. Like LOLLIPOPS! Tapped to the wall at different places, and a bunch of other questions on slips of neon pink paper for “speed dating”.

And after it was all set up, we just hung around there. And it kinda….was an event more for them than anyone else really. Everyone was joking around aiming these little foam dart things. Michelle stood at the top of the wall (tied in, of course) and was aiming at people down below. There was a giant pink heart taped high up on the wall that was Elliot’s life goal to hit. (I think the poor guy hit everything besides.)

There were a bunch of people I hadn’t seen before there. For one, I now know who man-bun Jasper is. He IS as hipster as everyone says. There was also Marco, who’s apparently super short. And speaking of short, there was Chottu Chaddi that was so short, I think he might be my height. Now that’s short. (Marco is supposedly shorter, but I just reeeaaally wanted to tease this guy instead. Not mocking is so hard.) Anyways, high light of the day person we met- we finally got introduced to Luke, the giant. Which is also why when Chottu jumped up to high five him I was jumping up and down trying to refrain from that previously mentioned teasing I was dying to do. It didn’t help that there was a lack of Jeffthehuman, but no lack of his bad music. *Siiiigh* so much teasing that could’ve been done.

Anyways, after meeting so many of the people that worked there that Hibah and I hadn’t seen before, we realized it was incredibly hard talking about them when they were present even in Urdu. So Hibah and I took it upon ourselves to come up with some code names on the pace bus ride home yesterday such aaaas:

I Unathees (29)
II Patloon
III Kholoud’s BFF
IV Unathees ki passand wali
V Chottu/ Chaddi
VI We have yet to come up with one for Taco.

And that’s that~

Hibah climbed and got me a lollipop, read some of the questions, and upon getting down told us some of their dating gems. “What’s your favourite childhood toy?” “How long have you been climbing?””Do you wanna get ice cream after this climb?”

Honestly, I don’t see how there are still single people at the wall.

the magical as hell snowman





Summer Anime Season- Start!

The new Summer anime are coming out this week~

And Alya’s already picked out a greaat Thursday anime (we finally have one :’) ) called Glasslip. It’s adorable, and it’s a simple slice of life anime too. So refreshing after (mostly dark) stuff like Black Bullet, No Game No Life, and Brynhildr in Darkness, etc.


Now, I have to mention other anime too, before I move on to critique it properly, which I’ll probably do tomorrow. I’m lazyyy now ^_^;

Liiike, how I actually found us this anime, but it soo isn’t my cup of tea. Gore. Blood. Icky gruesome killing scenes. Scary eyes. Aaaand weird sexual pleasures out of killing people. O.o God help meh D: It’s Tokyo Ghoul, and I heard it’s story was amazing, so I told Alya to check it out. She watched it before I did, and fell in love with it. She’s gotten another one of her friends to watch it with her, so I don’t have to unless I really can stand tolerate it for that long. It’s thirteen episodes, so…maybe?

Tokyo Ghoul

Theeen there’s the one I’m reaaally looking forward to for Monday! Akame ga Kill! The one with the epic combinations of voice actors that I heard about in the end of May. I posted about it already, so links to the list of it’s cast as well as the summary of the story is available there~

Akame ga Kill

A cover form the manga, but you see the characters split up like this~

And that’s all for now!

So, to sum up my Anime weekly so far, it’s
Monday- Dragonar Academy, Akame ga Kill.
Tuesday- Nothing so far.
Wednesday- HxH(the next arc started ❤ ), Glasslip.
Thursday- Tokyo Ghoul (maybe?).
Friday- Nothing so far. 
Saturday- Mahouka (koukou no Rettousei), Rail Wars, SAO II.
Sunday- Haikyuu.

I think. The anime calender site I use is telling me they come out on different days, but my anime site had them uploaded according to this, to the best of my time maths 😛

Weeell, whatever. I’m going to go watch some TV before going to sleep now. Phew, I’m beat!


the magical as hell snowman.