Achievement unlocked: Driving License acquired.

So the past year and a few months have been rough with me getting a license.

First, I had to wait a few months to get a permit since I was already 17, but I didn’t want to enroll in a drivers ed class. Once I passed and got my permit the first time, I was prepared to learn how to drive from either Barey Ammi or Barey Abu as soooon as possible, but Abu dropped the bomb on me of how I wasn’t allowed to drive their calls for fear I should damage them and he having to pay for repairs -.-” I got to drive them anyways a few times for practise just like that, but never enough to learn how to drive. Ramadan came and went and there was no progress made. Asma got her permit then and learned to drive before me. It was verrryyyyy infuriating.

A year later, Ammi and Abu and the entire family moved here. Abu had the audacity to ask why I hadn’t learned to drive yet and apparently FORGOT he had banned me from learning to drive in the only cars available for me to drive in. GEEZ.

Anyhoo, I started practising every now and then until we got our own van, but Abu wanted me to drive a smaller car for the test and we needed to get a second car anyways, so I started practising on the tinier one once we got it. The bulk of my driving practise was at night during the end of the fall semester and the beginning of the spring one, yet I still haven’t driven in snow yet. Ammi wouldn’t let me.

Finally, the summer vacation started and my morning practise drives were implemented. I was totally ready to drive in real traffic now after my sporadic drives earlier in the spring.

Then the tedious and absolutely infuriating drives down to the stupidest dmv in the world began. I was turned away the first time because I hadn’t taken some stupid drivers ed for adult class that was implemented like two years ago ugh. Had to enroll in that, ugh, it was sooo stupid. But ey, Dale and Hank the master hillbillies of driving signs did make the experience more bearable.

Once that was done with, I waited for the certificate of completion, my proof of passing the class to arrive through email which took a few days (but that was my own fault since I apparently didn’t call them and confirm my email address). Done and done, I showed up at the dmv on Saturday to take the road test.

AND THIS STUPID BIMBO DIDN’T LET ME EVEN GET IN LINE. She turned me away saying “sorry, we’re really full today so even though we’re open, we aren’t taking any road tests today. Come back Tuesday.”(Cuz they’re closed on Mondays too.)

Tuesday comes, and two hours of waiting later, my test happens. And I got failed. EVEN THOUGH I DID NOTHING WRONG. I had stopped at a red light, in the turn right only lane, and checked that there was no oncoming traffic, THEN TURNED. There was no “No turn on red”sign either. But this bandi goes all up you aren’t everrrr allowed to turn on a red blah blah. Screw her.

SO TODAY, Wednesday, I show up and BAM PASS IT FINALLYYYY.

The picture isn’t the greatest, but as you know, I believe in all super important ID pictures turning out terrible always. Regardless of what you do, or how you prepare for it. The only exceptions to this has been my most recent passport picture. The picture would’ve been a-okay awesome if there wasn’t a flash, but there was and once again, I have the shine of brilliance upon my forehead xD It’s definitely not as bad as my last government issued ID so it’s all good. Thankfully, I can put that away now :3

I should drive out and get ice cream now muahahahaha. Jk too broke.

the magical as hell snowman


Ze Origins of Mint Chuntey and the Sushi Slayer

So i was online chatting with a Korean friend and ive just basically founded the Awesome Asian Alliance/the power rangers (not trying to copyright, just saying). Hes the Sushi Slayer and im Mint Chutney ^_^ wohoo~

So now, guess what happens when two totally crazy and random and phsychopathic people form an alliance with food names? the universe implodes. nah, just kidding. But ill tell you what does happen. Vegeta and Goku join. and then with all our Awesome Asian Powers (of Randomness and Crazy) its only a matter of time until the Justice League and the Avengers ask us to join them. Mhmm. We’re just that truly epic.

(spideys got nothing on us~!)

So yeah. next time youre in trouble or in need of someone to get that pesky cat out of the tree- call the Awesome Asian Alliance! We may or may not see the need to help! xD

okaay. and fyi, litter bugs are my natural enemies >.> and ive got a partner in crime (not really, a partner in justice here) called James Baxter, another super hero, that helps me kick litterbug butt. so yeah. wohoo. he however always turns a blind eye when old ladies are being mugged. (‘she doesnt need any help, she can handle it herself. *gasp* did that guy just j-walk?! how dare he?! i shall bring him to justice!!’)

Mhmm. and as Mint Chutney (greenish in color) i shall be wearing either yellow or red. cuz im awesome. and i shall have the element of surprise that way =) so yeaaah.

Imma evilish. so dont think that ill be bringing everyone and anyone to justice.  it might be litter bugs. it might be someone whos getting on my nerves. it might be someone who just trashed/ripped a book to shreds (unless, ofcourse, the book was Twilight). it might even be someone who just didnt compliment my sunglasses. Or someone unlucky enough to have gotten on my bad side. Even celebrities are not safe!  Youve been warned,  Justin Bieber.

Yes. i am indeed evilish. even the Magic 8 ball told me so. so there, that is obviously undeniable proof for all you athiests. muahahaha. besides how im actually evilish anyways through my actions. like whateverrr…

Next time, i might even reveal my super powers. or not. the element of surprise, muahahaha. i might be able to shoot pizza slices out of my ears, or have masala-vision. you never know. and maybe you never shaaall. dun dun duuun.

now excuse me while i go create a rap/themesong and stitch together a cape. as The Mint Chutney im very busy indeed.


-The Mint Chutney
Desi to the extreme. 

wow, i think that was easily the post where i evil-luaghed the most…and ironically enough this was a post all about me being a superhero. i amaze even myself.
nope…not really xD but irony. you just gotta love it.