To be Honest

To be honest, or tbh, is the current infection throughout fb. student, ecstatic and still on the buzz of their exams and new found freedom shall find themselves with no better way to avail their time and hence end up doing nothing on fb. just online.

with over two hundred friends, but still with nothing to do. so they update their status to a time consuming status. such as, like and ill tell you what song you remind me of. or inbox me a number and ill post a status about you. the like.

and the most popular one around nowadays polluting atleast my newsfeed (i say polluting but i actually dont mind at all. i find it fun =) ) is the like for a tbh status.

and ive done it too. but thats not what im doing here. im not here to, surprisingly, rant about it too. but what i am here to do is to put down a SIMPLE tbh about myself that might explain something to a whole lot of people.

To be honest, im actually really mean (and occaisionally blahhy) but people always assume im being funny or joking and just find me hilarious instead.

even when i do it smirking with a snarky remark, they interpret the smirk as a smile and just innocently laugh.

and i have noticed especially with my classmates, no matter what the harsh tone or rude comment, so long as i have a sincere looking smile added with it, they dont take it to heart. especially since im the prez of the drama society (dramatists, that i co founded.) and really CAN act. so yeaaah. major perk.

that way, i can get away with blowing some steam, get my real, evil thoughts across, and yet not have any concequences such as an angered friend or classmate on my back. tralalala~

Now ive gotta type out a new post about my subject selection meeting with sir allamdaar and how it ended up with sir shaheer instead and the VERY “un”fortunate mishap with the OIs. honestly, im thrilled over what happened to them ^_^

god, im so evil =P

Wattson out!

January 2013-aMonthofTerror- Exam Tension

yikes. i was rereading some of my earlier posts, and in one august one found the mentions of how i gotta give an exam and then get the result in dec. well, i get the result in jan actually. and as well as my midterm uh, yeah?

im sooo sooo scared and terrified about this stats result….i only gave one exam so i had more time to devote to this subject, and i didnt even give those subject exams that august so i had even more time to boot! aaaaaahhh! so horrified about this. especially since everyone at school and my family believe that im a genius! thats just so utterly ridiculous, as anyone whos read any of these posts could very well tell you! im no genius! sure, maybe im a bit smart, but nothing worth showing off about. the only reason i seem like a genius, as far as i can think up, is cuz im surrounded by some seriiiioooouuuuuuss idiots (when it comes to studies, and ONLY that.) even in conversations with me, i NEVER come on as someone whos intelligent. there are a bunch of genii out there, but im just not one of them! so now when i complain to may friends about this tense feeling of apprehension, they shrug and wave it away, saying how im so smart, im sure to get an A+/A* anyways. so not the case. i cant handle not being taken seriously when im having a mental breakdown. doesnt help that at home, everyone expects me to bring back all ze good grades either -.- this particular exam, im not too sure about how it was overall. i mean, paper one was terrrrrible. and i do mean that bad. meine tukkei mari thai, meine yeh woh lekdia, and i didnt even finish the entire thing! i left maybe one 2 mark question, but EVERYmark counts. =( but paper two was pretty great, and totally spectacular in comparison. it was goodish, and not too confusing. i had a laugh too, there was this question where they gave us that a is a discrete number, b an integer, c a qualitative something, and so forth. i pencilled in a few answers i wasnt sure about, and thought that at the end of the examination, when i finish the easy questions, come back to it and spend time thinking about it and then giving my final answer in pen. when i did, the answer formation was BBC. and the only show i watch(ed) on BBC (then) was Sherlock. oh, yes, im just that hopeless, in the middle of an actual serious exam, i made a sherlock reference. but that reference made me feel awesome, and more like ME. see, im not the type of person who takes most things seriously, especially exams. honestly theyre kinda pointless to me, but anyways, the point being that i never get stressed about an exam. not really. atleast, never before. so, having thought this up, i realized that i was still that person, and that i had chilled and continued with the exam, just like zat. lets see where that gets me now =P

im also getting my midterm results, and yeah, that usually is never a big deal. but these midterms are my send-ups. as in, if i fail, or get too low marks, the school wont allow me to give the actual exam in the end. and that means that the entiiiiiire exam course is coming. which would be everything i learnt in the past two years (completely) as well as a solid base, which would be everything i did before that as well, meaning everyyythinng from before those two years. basically, everythiing ive ever studied since i started school (minus the guys! thats not a joke i would ever really make but i feel sleepy and sick right now, so might as well. maybe ill find it funny in years to come. …im still not laughing. haha. oh, wait nope, im still not laughing =P )  but yeah, my midterms….ugh, scary shit, i swear. ooh oh, the only great thing was that the math exam had a stat question in it that i totally knew how to solve cuz i took stats, and gave the exam in october too. it was awesome. never did i think i would feel that taking stats would be worthwhile ( i took it cuz the OCR board cancelled media studies). it was about a histogram(uh, yeah, my worst topic, but in the end i still GOT it, k?) on the y axis you have to put frequency density not just frequency, as you would with most other typpa charts/graphs. solving the f.d part, took about a minute of brain cramming but i figured out the dividing the frequency by the interval (or was it the other way around..? =S oh well, exams over haina? =P ) and in the end i goooot ittttt =D but yeah, most of my exams were either just k, ok, goodish or bad. so not too high hopes for this result. 

worst part, is last year, i managed to come top in the school rankings for my grade’s midterms so there are even MORE expectations from my friends and family. blaaarrrrggghhhh. 

its a gift, combining words. its like, chemistry. mix the two right kind and you get an epic explotion, mix the wrong two, and you get a purple puddle. yeaaah, not recommended to be tried out at hooomme! oh well =P

oh yeah, one thing im just gonna mention, so i write about it later, is that i may be a little smart. and to pay for that, im a lotta crazy. like, seriously, i AM crazy. i tell my friends, but they think im just kidding, or mean i love pranks, and messing with people, etc, but thats not it at all. i have fits, temper tantrums, etc. and my justification is that its a sign that im smart. genii are either genii, or called madmen, insane, etc. but years later some of them are thought of as genii and are applauded for it eg, Da Vinci, Van Goh (not sure whether its spelled that way or Gough cuz its pronounced that way…yeah i was suprised too when i found out from Vincent and the Doctor! =O ) so yeah, genii are sometimes insane, but me? im just a tad smart, maybe, and the only proof so far being that im crazy. huh. =)

And to top it all off, the day school opens, and the holidays end, we get our result O____0 how can they do that?! HOW?! its like a serious blow to the head, yeah, a total kick from reality. and it sucks =/ but atleast our schools better than a bunch of other ones..some of them have holidays first then their exams. that means that they would have to actually study in their holidays! *shudders* boy, do i pity them. and even worse, after the exams, they would just have school! i dont care, anymore, i love my school! (…in comparison. =P =D )

thats all on the tension ness for now. look forward to other mindless crap, future me. for im still on winter break. Lalalalalalaaaa~