Best. Social. Experiment. Ever.

Today Zahra came over and told me about conducting some sort of social experiment for her psych class. I definitely wanted in. So what did we do?

Let’s go over what the experiment was supposed to do first. We were supposed to capture the reactions of people to an abnormal action. You know, question social norms and that kinda shiz.

So what did we actually do?

Zahra wore a horsehead mask and on sight, I would scream “horsie!” and run after her. Then, I would entice her with this perfect carrot tied to a stick and jump onto her back. We walked around like this through downtown, the park, etc. etc.


Pretty damn fun I have to say.

We also posed atop this fab amphitheatre type thing in the park so the platform made us look like a majestic statue.

Some ladies thought we were hilarious and asked for pictures, some girl scouts were disturbed for life, and many many people neighed at us or commented on how they wanted a horse too.

Tough luck, love. This one’s all mine. Get your own.

(Once we were done, we got lunch at Chipotle, but Asma was carrying the remains of my carrot and the stick it was tied to which she leaned against the wall near our table when she was ordering. But then we left after we finished eating. And kinda remembered the stick and the carrot once we got to the car to drive on home…I remembered and the thought of those Chipotle workers finding the stick with half a carrot attached- priceless!)

the magical as hell snowman