Quote of the Day- In Picture Form

Quote of the Day- In Picture Form

*snap snap*

If you don’t get that, or haven’t ever heard of it, PLEASE just click on the picture as soon as is physically possible, and then watch this classical and timelessly brilliant show! (Although this picture isn’t from the original show, still.)

Here, have a wonderful quote I can completely get.

I love Morticia ❤ And I love this show! I can’ wait til my exams are over so I can rewatch it =)

Maybe I’ll watch it now…? I do have a huge gap until my next CIE afterall…

But, anyhoo, enjoy this quote. Think, ponder, dream, and question.
It’ll just make you a little bit cooler. In my opinion.


A Quote on Fairy Tales

‘Fairy tales are more than true; But not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that they can be beaten.’
-Neil Gaiman

Now, isnt that just brilliant? i love it =3

but i just have one other question to ask.

So if i have a dragon, that makes my life a fairy tale..?

Sounds good to me ^_^


We are all appr…

We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.
-Ernest Hemingway

i just read this quote and find it so philosophical… does it mean writing? does it mean thinking? does it mean adventuring forward, towards the unknown future? does it mean our dreams? is it a ray of hope to those that have no idea what they are good at, what they are capable of achieving, those that have no idea where life is leading them, those who dont know what they want to be? is it a consolation as to becoming better at something? or is it an acceptance of (the truth that) no one can ever become a master at something, that there is always room for improvement, maybe even that there is always someone better than you at it, and  you have to get better than that person, one by one (nah, i dont think so..)? its so intriguing and… im at a loss of words. =P

he he, now i can say with a clear conscious that i did do some literary anylyzing over the holidays 😉 =P

look forward to cool, awesome, funny quotes now! I LOVE quots, but i usually like funny witty ones, or philosophical ones. some sweet ones (you know, about moms, dads, grandparents, puppy dogs =P ) are also welcome. post all the quotes! ( there are maybe a total of five memes that i will ever use willingly. this is one of them. haha)