The Great Gatsby- Gatsby’s Green Light

I was thinking about The Great Gatsby…both the book and the movie (although I haven’t read the entire book yet. Still stalled on Chapter VII =P =/ ) when I started to try and literary analyze the green light.

I thought- if I’m going to literary analyze anything, might as well record the thought. Maybe I’ll laugh at it later, for being so off or for thinking something so naive (perhaps that would be possible if the future-me was ever mature. Hah. Now that IS a laugh.). Maybe I’ll nail it on the head. Maybe I’ll just do it for fun. Maybe all three.

At first, I just thought it to represent something like the unattainable, or the desires that are just out of reach. But then, the scene from the movie came in, the MOTION of the green light and this thought just struck me-

It’s like a Lighthouse. It’s necessary. It guides you home, it’s a beacon of hope, it lights the way in darkness, its light is so appealing and beautiful compared to the bleak, pressing darkness, and on top of it all- If you get too close too it, it’ll harm you, rather than help you. You can’t sail your boat too close to it, or your boat will crash and sink.

And all that, all that, is what Daisy is to Gatsby.

We need to go deeper!

I had to, I just did =P I couldn’t possibly resist xD …

ahem. So anyways, I could go deeper to take the light to represent Daisy’s house, not her. But that would also end up involving Tom, and the estate, and it’s location, in comparison to Gatsby’s. Meh, no, that’s TOO deep, and confusing, and not worth getting into. Imma leave it at my initial idea.

I wonder if that made any sense at all… Or if my opinion was totally off ^_^ I wanna ask my seniors who analyzed this book in Literature now, to see where my idea stands to the opinion of Khilji/KillJoy, the Scholar of Literature, and the Great-Grandmother of the Furies.

Literature IS all that. Lyrical Literature keeps you lively and dainty.

#EmphasisthroughAlliteration. Mhmm. It’s a thing. xD

“And then to hear a dead man chatter| Is enough to drive one mad.”

FYI, on Dreams..

this here is my theory explaining why i have retarded, epic, awesome, funny, demented, silly, funny, stupid, pathetic, philosophical, impossible, shamabwahawaduh dreams. from what i can figure out, whenever my brain gets bored of my daily life and decides theres nothing interesting going on (no drama between friends, not having people i like come to drama society, being harassed by ppl i hate and find irritating/irksome/annoying/meddling, not studying in class, got no new material for my comics, etc) my brain makes up for it, by entertaining itself with these types of dreams. so yeah. my dreams are now going to be shared here. all sorts. so look forward to that. i actually had one last night and ill post it here in another post later.

actually, one of my dreams seemed just so random (for lack of a better term…) that one of my friends wanted to make a video out of it. sorry, but HOW exactly are you going to have the moon explode and me beat Bill Gates at poker in that, hmm? yeah, those were a few true spoilers =P so yeah, just wait and see! or in this case, wait for me to dream =)

We need to go deeper. yeaaaah, sorry about that, i just love that line from inception. and i use it whenever its not appropriate. such as now =P well, im my defense i was talking about dreams, k? =D