The Blah&Brit Dictionary

Here one may find words that are not even words and their meanings. one may also find a bunch of british/scottish/irish words (slang) that also have meanings and are acknowledged as words. Enjoyyy~!

Brit: Making Mrs. Hudson, Dr. Grey I. Wattson, and Sherlock a little more British, one word at a time. (and the world too!)

Skint(n): broke; lacking money. eg. Most people in my school are skint at break.

Toff(n): informal, disapproving, a rich, upper-class (sometimes arrogant) person.

Tombola(n): a fame in which tickets are drawn from a revolving drum (BINGO! uh, wait, no…) to win prizes.

Foolscap(n): a piece of paper with the measurements 300×220 (or 400) mm.

Titch(n): informal, a small person. Adj, titchy

Ton(n): informal, a speed of one hundred miles per hour.

Samey(adj): informal, lacking in variety.

Chuffed(adj): informal, ‘pleasant’; delighted; satisfied; happy; content; pleased. eg. this page is just so chuffed, as is this blog =P

may i also point out that even though a bunch of these legit existing words seem pointless in everyday conversation, they can be a lot of fun to get in a fight with calling a person all these words, even if youre using them incorrectly. watching their reaction, that is =) trust me, im speaking from experience ^_^

this isnt british, but it sounds cool, so it goes here too. but, if i start adding words i find cool too then itll get pretty confusing…so ill just make a separate heading for them. =)

Cool-Sounding, Interesting, Fun, Unusual Words (i found and like):

Hokum(n): informal,  1 nonsense. 2 unoriginal or sentimental material in a film, book, etc. (kill me if you will, twilight fans and twilight diehards BUT i just cant resist, and just dont care…eg. Twilight. most of it, if not all =D )

Chintz(n): patterned cotton fabric with a glazed finish, used for curtains and upholstery. adj, chintzy.

Crepuscular(adj): literary (eh?), resembling twilight; dim and shadowy.

Irish and Scottish:

Glen(n): a narrow valley.

My Vocab Shit:

Athankoo- My way of saying “thank you”.

Beep/Beepity Beep (Beep)- Obviously censored swears, since I donn swear~

Blah: a word used often when there is lack for a better term, or the user is just too lazy to think up a better word for lack of a better term, or (as it is in most cases) the user is just too lazy all together to think of a word that would make sense in such a sentence, think of an appropriate word to use, and convey what it is that they wish to convey.

Blahy or Blahhy: [note: not to be confused with blah.] my personal, censored way to convey that i think someone is acting b**chy without actually having to swear. (i don like it. i don swear).

Coolio (adj)- usually used when something is super swagtastic beyond belief.

Swagtastic (adj)- when any said person, thing, place, name, etc, blah, has levels of swag over 9,ooo and hence dangerously high levels of swag that demand their own word to even express how much swag there is.

Tad (adv)- (would you believe somepeople actually dont know what this means??) Irish (ok, not really, but i associate it with Irishness) for ‘a little’ or ‘a bit’.  or ‘wee bit’.

The Oooooh of Understandment(phrase): may be spelled with the apt number of Os to convey the impact of such an understanding of such a huuuuge realization/truth/epiphany. the long, stretched out ‘oh’ that is heard from one who has been hit on the head with a knowledge hammer. may be hinted with an embarrassed tone when uttered, but usually uttered with one of shock, startlement, relief, etc.

Sloopy or Sloop: [note: no, it is not my way of saying sloppy.] another censored swear. My way of saying sl*tty. Nothing more needs to be said.

Shugumblahblah(the more fun-sounding, im-so-bored version) or Shugumflagagrrr(the angrier, im-annoyed, go away, whyd-this-happen/why-are-we-discussing-this, oh-gosh-why-are-you-talking-to-me-im-so-not-in-the-mood version): Like a replacement for meh. When ive got nothing to say, but kind have to say something to break the silence. (it works wonders, most people are just like ‘da hell you just say..?’ and either a conversation starts or they get creeped out by my dialect of the English Language they just are unfamiliar with. poor them.) or i just want to say something and i have no idea what to say. Its a fun sounding word. Use it if you will.

Y’all- obviously and simply how i say ‘you all’. not being racist here, i just say this a lot, kay?

Ze- pronounced with a fake accent most of the time, it is the way i simply say The. This word is pronounced as though the e in this word had a slash on top- exactly like the e in pokemon. (a bad demonstration of its pronounciation would have to be ‘zeh’ but with less emphasis on the h sound at the end. i guess..) this repetitive ‘Z’ obsession finds its way to other words too, and contaminates them as so. That to Zat, The to Ze and hence also leads me to another thing i must clarify.

ZeChocoLatte- my username and does indeed, use the previous pronounciation as indicated above with the Ze (the) word. However, as this is my name, and when a FULL name it will be pronounced as such, when broken apart to just Ze, it will be pronounced as zee. so yeah. theres that.

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