Blaming Brian

Some may not be aware that I have dubbed my brain Brian. (Go watch Igor, although I named him that before I saw the movie.) Anyhoo, here’s a tale from my AP Physics class a few weeks ago.

We’d just gotten this question to solve, so I plunged right in, thinking “eaaaasyyy~”. Therefore, completely being stupidly moronicly careless and making the most ludicrous mistakes everrrrr.

Hah. Sooo when the sir actually solved the question, I was pretty mad at myself. Then I muttered “Dammit, Brian!” under my breathe.

The thing is, the kid who sits behind me, as luck would have it, is named Brian. And the poor chap was just like, “what’d I even do??” through his expression xD

The worst part is, I didn’t feel like explaining the misunderstanding and didn’t even say anything! I’m the worst 😛

Sorry, Brian.
And no, not the one in my head.

That’s all for now, cuz it’s anime time :3.

Crazy, Chocolate, and Cookies,